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March 3, 1980

Colonel Ștefan Blaga, No. 009794/03.03.1980, 'Report regarding the Intelligence Measures undertaken within the PLO Office in Bucharest'

Report about the establishment and activities allowed in the PLO office in Bucharest.

December 22, 1989

Romania: Situation Report

An analysis of the deterioration of Ceausescu's regime in Romania and its effects on stability.

December 20, 1989

Romania: Unrest Spreading

An analysis of escalating demonstrations in Romania and their threat to Ceausescu's rule.

November 14, 1945

TASS Report Distributed to Cdes. I.V. Stalin, V.M. Molotov, A.I. Mikoyan, L.P. Beria, G.M. Malenkov, and A. Ya. Vyshinsky, 'The Tendentious Coverage of Events in Bucharest by a British Correspondent'

TASS reports on anti-Communist demonstrations on November 8 in Bucharest, as well as what it sees as unfairly favorable coverage of the demonstrations in the British press.


Untitled report on a visit to the Communist Bloc

Extensive account of Cheab's visit to Budapest, Kiev, Moscow, Leningrad, Georgia, Bucharest, Sofia, and Plovdiv.

March 13, 1958

Notes from Meeting between the Iranian Comrades and Comrade Nicolae Ceaușescu, Bucharest, March 13, 1958

Record of a meeting between the Tudeh First Secretary, Reza Radmanesh, and Nicolae Ceauşescu, then a member of the Politburo of the Romanian Workers' Party, shortly after the Tudeh's Fifth Plenum in Bulgaria, where the Iranian communists pledged themselves to working with 'all national and democratic forces' in Iran. Document highlights the disarray and fragmentation of the Tudeh at this time.

April 20, 1971

Telegram, Embassy of Hungary in Romania to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry

A report of the attempted kidnapping of the Belgian Ambassador, who was mistaken for an American, by North Korean assailants.

November 30, 1987

Information on the 20th Session of the Committee of the Ministers of Defense of Warsaw Pact Member States

Report on the course and results of the 20th Session of the Committee of Ministers of Defense of Warsaw Pact Member States held in Bucharest on November 24-25, 1987.

August 30, 1960

Note about a Conversation in the Soviet Embassy with Comrade Puzanov

The ambassadors of the Soviet Union and East Germany in North Korea discuss Kim Il Sung's visits to China and the Soviet Union, the personality cult in North Korea, the economic situation in North Korea, and North Korea's policy towards South Korea.