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July 1, 1950

'Aflaq in Aleppo

Short report on Michel Aflaq's visit to Aleppo.

October 19, 1955

Communists’ Activities in Aleppo

Report on communist and socialist activities and propaganda in Aleppo.

October 14, 1955

Communists’ Activities in Aleppo

Report on Communists in Aleppo's intentions to boycott France, to cut off their relations with France, and to bar members from working with France in the future.

July 1, 1950

Parti Populaire Activities in Aleppo

Report on attempts by the head of the PPS in Aleppo to recruit workers, peasants and farmers in Aleppo and Northern Syria, PPS activities in centers of education, public opinion on the PPS in Aleppo, PPS expansion into other cities in Northern Syria.


Kurdish Activities in al Jazeera

Description of Kurdish armament against Turkey in pursuit of a Kurdish Republic and communication with the Soviet Union.

June 9, 1954

Confirmed Information regarding the Position of the Syrian Army and the Latest Serious Situation in Syria

Update on the status of the Syrian Army, including jeopardization by government feuds, possible Army intervention, and a report from Aleppo's Chief of Police.

January 28, 1951

The Bomb Thrown at the British Consulate in Aleppo and the Communists' Activities

Report on the investigation of a bombing at the British Consulate in Aleppo.

January 22, 1951

The Communists Throw a Bomb at the British Consulate in Aleppo

Report on a bombing by a communist at the British Consulate in Aleppo.

September 18, 1955

Communist Activity in Aleppo

After Khalid Bekdash's visit to Aleppo, communist meetings focus on Russian engagement and the West's malicious intentions.

March 30, 1951

Communist Activity in Aleppo and Northern Syria

Communist organizations work to form "Peace Supporters" groups and conduct propaganda campaigns against American involvement in the region.