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March 28, 1958

Code Message No. 3794 from Ambassador Pietkiewicz in Helsinki to Ogrodziński and Birecki

Ambassador Pietkiewicz writes to Ogrodziński and Birecki to inform them about the stance of Scandinavian countries towards the Rapacki Plan. Representatives from Sweden, Norway, and Finland expressed support and were interested in more information or further discussion on the matter.

February 26, 1958

Albert Morskif, 'Record of a Dinner at General Secretary of MoFA Mr Skylstad on Feb. 25, 1958'

Representatives of Poland, the USSR, Finland, Austria, and Norway discuss the Rapacki Plan. Mr. Skylstad stresses the importance of reduction of conventional forces while expressing his support for the plan.

October 19, 1976

Telegram, Danish Embassy in Stockholm to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'North Korea’s Embassy, Smuggling'

A Summary of press reports as to the smuggling activities of the North Korean Embassy in Sweden, which is very similar to Denmark’s case.

October 27, 1976

Jaakko Kaurinkoski, 'Diplomatic/meetings: Beijing, Wednesday'

A memo on talks between Nordic ambassadors in Beijing and their North Korean counterpart on the smuggling affair.

October 22, 1976

Cable, US Embassy Oslo to the Secretary of State, 'Media Reaction - North Korean Smuggling'

This cable discusses coverage of the North Korean smuggling scandals in the Norwegian press.

October 28, 1976

Cable, US Embassy Oslo to the Secretary of State, 'Media Report - North Korean Expulsions'

This cable reproduces a Norwegian Daily Aftenposten report on a meeting between the North Korean, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish Ambassadors in Peking, China. It focuses especially on North Korean desires to maintain relationships with the Nordic countries.

October 19, 1976

Cable, US Embassy Copenhagen to the Secretary of State, 'North Koreans Described as "Diplomatic Gang" in Danish Press'

This cable describes North Korean Diplomats' illegal cigarette and liquor trafficking in Norway and speculates on the possibility that the trafficking reflects official North Korean policy and a means to finance the country's propaganda efforts.

October 30, 1976

The President's Daily Brief, October 30, 1976

A summary of the North Korean smuggling scandal in Scandinavia produced by the US intelligence community.

October 19, 1976

The President's Daily Brief, October 19, 1976

The CIA reports that Norway and Denmark have expelled North Korean diplomats for smuggling alcohol and tobacco.

October 21, 1976

Chairman of the Central Information Group to the Deputy Minister

Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland expelled all embassy workers from DPRK, accusing them of smuggling weapons, alcohol and cigarettes.The Chairman of the Central Information Group (Zentrale Auswertungs- und Informationsgruppe) of the GDR requests the Deputy Minister check all Korean embassy workers, including diplomats and their relative, and to keep them under careful surveillance.