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November 13, 1992

The Chancellor's [Helmut Kohl's] Meeting with British Prime Minister Major on Wednesday, 10 November 1992 in Ditchley Park

Kohl and Major talk abut the forthcoming European Council in  Edinburgh. They discuss the problems of the Maastricht Treaty referenda in Denmark and Great Britain. They emphasize the need to avoid a renewed negotiation on the Maastricht Treaty. Moreover, they debate the question of EC enlargement as a key agenda item in Edinburgh. Kohl makes a bold case to start negotiation on EC enlargement right away and not wait until the ratification of the Maastricht Treaty in Denmark.

October 23, 1992

Meeting between ChefBK Bohl and Secretary of Defense Cheney on 22 October 1992, 9:40-10:40 Hours

Bohl and Cheney assess the impact of the Yugoslavia war. Bohl emphasizes that lack of the EC consensus on fundamental security issues in contrast to its ability to regulate questions of trade and finance. He argues that this could do massive harm to the European integration project in general. Moreover, Bohl and Cheney discuss German domestic problems with NATO out-of-area missions.

July 14, 1962

Note, R. Malinovsky and Bakayev to the Captain of the Ship 'Dvinoles' and to the Chief of the Military Contingent

This cover letter tells the captain of the ship Dvinoles and the chief of the military contingent to together open a package after passing the Danish Straights. The package reveals the final location of the ship.

January 15, 1959

P. Wasiluk, 'Record of Conversation Conducted on Jan. 15, 1958'

Record of a conversation between the Secretary of the Communist Party of Denmark and the Polish Embassy in which Comrade Norlund tell of Scandinavia's openness to the Rapacki Plan.

October 22, 1976

Telegram to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Royal Danish Embassy in Helsinki, 'Finnish Press Coverage of the Expulsion of North Korean Diplomats'

A summary of Finnish press coverage of the expulsion of North Korean diplomats produced by the Danish Embassy in Helsinki.

October 5, 1976

Telegram from Directorate for Customs, Control Office, to Hanna Boye, Foreign Ministry

A cover letter for a note to Hanna Boye.

October 15, 1976

Press Release from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The press release from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs that required the DPRK to initiate the return of its diplomatic representatives involved in the smuggling activities.

October 15, 1976

Telegram from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Danish Diplomatic Missions Abroad

A notice of sending the press release.

October 16, 1976

Telegram to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow

Information about visa application of the North Korean diplomats.

October 16, 1976

Telegram to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing

A notice of the meeting with the North Korean Ambassador.