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October 22, 2020

Interview with Süha Umar

Süha Umar is a Turkish Ambassador (Rtd.) He served as Head of the Turkish Delegation to ACRS.

October 15, 2020

Interview with Eran Lerman

Eran Lerman is a former Israeli intelligence officer. He served as a member of the Israeli delegation to ACRS. 

October 28, 2020

Interview with Peter Jones

Peter Jones is a former Canadian diplomat. He served as a member of the Canadian delegation to ACRS. 

November 16, 2020

Interview with Robert Einhorn

Robert Einhorn is a former US diplomat. He served as the head of the US delegation to ACRS. 

October 26, 1977

GDR Ministry for State Security, 'Note on Information about Increased Activities by Extremist Palestinian Groups'

East German intelligence report on relationships and splits within the Palestine Liberation Organization.

December 20, 1982

Excerpts of Talks between Leading Comrades and Foreign Guests (No. 14)

A summary of meetings held between Deng Xiaoping and Zhao Ziyang with Japanese counterparts concerning the United States, Taiwan, the Soviet Union, Libya, Chinese politics, and other subjects.

December 10, 1982

Excerpts of Talks between Leading Comrades and Foreign Guests (No. 12)

A Chinese Communist Party digest summarizing recent meetings held between Deng Xiaoping, Hu Yaobang, Zhao Ziyang, and Peng Zhen and foreign counterparts.

June 30, 1990

Minutes of Talks between the Political and Operational CIA Delegation and the Delegation of the UOP Intelligence Service on 6/30/1990

Paul Redmond (CIA) and Henryk Jasik (UOP) continue discussions on the intelligence apparatuses in their respective countries and the potential for US-Poland intelligence cooperation, particularly in the area of counterterrorism.

June 29, 1979

Letter from J.F. MacCulloch (British Embassy, Bonn) to R.J. Alston (Joint Nuclear Unit), 'Israeli Comments on Pakistani and Libyan Nuclear Capability'

This letter, written from Jim MacCulloch at the British Embassy in Bonn to Robert Alston at the FCO's Joint Nuclear Unit, details a recent memorandum sent to West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt by Menachem Begin about the Pakistani nuclear program.

May 17, 1979

Letter from Bryan Cartledge to Stephen Wall, 'Pakistan's Nuclear Programme' (with attachments)

This document has three parts. The first part, a letter written from Bryan Cartledge of the FCO to Stephen Wall, discusses recent correspondence from Israel's Prime Minister Menachem Begin to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The document's second and third parts are PM Begin's letter, along with an accompanying Israeli intelligence report regarding Pakistan's nuclear program.