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File No. 104. Poland

References, apparently from an index, to different Soviet reports: the first from 1950, on atomic attacks, and the second from 1980, on the Solidarity movement in Poland.

August 28, 1980

Note, M. Suslov et al to the CPSU Central Committee

Suslov describes the "tense" situation in Poland and proposed steps to use military and police force to quell the protest movement.

January 2, 1982

Untitled report from Leon Tomaszewski, Polish Ambassador in Pyongyang, describing his conversation with Kim Il Sung that took place on December 30th, 1981

In conversation with Com. Tomaszewski, Kim Il Sung analyzed Poland's declaration of martial law.

September 13, 1981

Protocol No. 002/81 of the Meeting of the Committee for the Defense of the Homeland

Meeting of the Committee for the Defense of the Homeland on the implementation of martial law in Poland. Committee members discuss where to increase militarization to be prepared for martial law, and how best to protect martial law through propaganda.

October 22, 1980

Proposals Regarding the Introduction of Martial Law for Reasons of State Security and the Underlying Consequences of Introducing Martial Law.

A proposal for instituting martial law in Poland, in response to the protest movement there. The document breaks down the powers granted to the government through martial law, and notes that the powers of some government organs will need to be broadened.

December 1981

Information [for Gustav Husak] on the Progress and Outcome of the 14th Meeting of the Defense Minsters Committee, 1 and 4 December 1981 in Moscow (Excerpt)

Summary of the 14th meeting of the Warsaw BlocDefense Ministers Committee. The ministers discuss the Solidarity movement and protests in Poland, and how to handle the issue in the media.

July 15, 1989

Minutes from a Meeting of the Presidium of the Citizens’ Parliamentary Club, 15 July 1989

The Citizens’ Parliamentary Club formed by Solidarity deputies in June 1989 meets to discuss preparations for the future of Poland’s political system and election of a president.

April 7, 1981

Report, Discussion with Supreme Commander of the Combined Military Forces of the Warsaw Pact on 7 April 1981 in Legnica (PR Poland)

German military commanders meet with Marshal Kulikov following the evaluation meeting by the joint operative-strategic Command Staff Exercise "SOYUZ-81." Kulikov states that the military exercise was called to support Polish leaders Jaruzelski and Kania and so "a certain pressure should also be exerted upon the leadership of 'Solidarity.'"

December 13, 1981

CPSU CC Politburo Protocol (extract), "On Information about the Polish question for the leaders of the fraternal countries"

Soviet ambassadors are informed that martial law has been declared in Poland.

December 10, 1981

Session of the CPSU CC Politburo

The Soviet Politburo discusses the Polish Solidarity movement and the possibility of imposing martial law in Poland to restore order and the communist party's authority.