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December 13, 1982

Memorandum of Conversation between Vice President Bush and Pakistani President Zia, December 8, 1982, 3:45 p.m.

Bush and Zia discuss the Soviet war in Afghanistan, China's relations with Pakistan and the US, the status of Taiwan, and the Pakistani nuclear program.

November 26, 1982

Excerpts of Talks between Leading Comrades and Foreign Guests (Supplement No. 3)

A Chinese Communist Party digest summarizing a recent meeting held between Deng Xiaoping and Pakistan's Zia-ul-Haq.

November 13, 1986

Politburo on Afghanistan

The Politburo discuss the need for Soviet troops to withdraw from Afghanistan, the best way to do that, and set up a time table to withdraw troops.

August 1, 1989

National Intelligence Daily for Tuesday, 1 August 1989

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 1 August 1989 describes the latest developments in Lebanon, Cuba, Poland, the Soviet Union, Iran, China, Kuwait, and Afghanistan.

January 1, 1981

Autobiographical Notes Davlatali Fayzamievich Bobiev

Account of Bobiev's service in Afghanistan, including at the Khayraton-Kabul highway and Balkh province.

April 12, 1980

Address by Vice President Mondale to the United States Olympic Committee, 'US Call for an Olympic Boycott'

Vice President Mondale addresses the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), advocating for President Carter's proposed boycott of the Moscow Olympic Games in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Later that day, the USOC voted to uphold the boycott.

March 14, 1985

Memorandum of Conversation Between M. S. Gorbachev and General Secretary of the CC NDPA [National Democratic Party of Afghanistan], Chairman of the Revolutionary Council of DRA [Democratic Republic of Afghanistan] B. Karmal.

Gorbachev and Chairman Karmal discuss the future of Afghanistan with less intervention from the Soviets.

December 4, 1979

Telegram from Chief Soviet Military Adviser, 'Report from Kabul'

H. Amin requests subunits of Soviet Internal Troops capable of keeping order in the northern regions together with the DRA people’s militia.

December 2, 1979

Telegram from Chief Soviet Military Adviser, 'Report from Kabul'

H. Amin requests that the Soviet government send one reinforced regiment to Badakhshan.

September 2, 1989

Letter from Ahmad Shah Masoud to Soviet First Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Afghanistan Envoy Yuli Vorontsov

Afghan opposition leader Ahmad Shah Masoud sends a defiant letter in response to Soviet overtures.