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September 30, 1968

Gen. Djurov’s Report on the participation of Bulgarian troops in the Warsaw Pact operation in Czechoslovakia, 30 September 1968

The Minister reports on the progress of the allied operation and on the strength of the Czech resistance.

May 6, 1987

Transcript of Conversation between Todor Zhivokov and Zhao Ziyang in Beijing

Talks with Zhao Ziyang 6 of May 1987 in Beijing regarding Chinese and Bulgarian Communist policies.

March 26, 1965

Minutes of Todor Zhivkov – Raul Castro Meeting in Sofia

Zhivkov lays out his perspective on the place of Bulgaria within the Communist Camp. He also talks about the Balkans and the rift between Bulgaria and Romania. Both leaders discuss the Chinese accusations of Soviet Revisionism. Raul Castro talks about the strength of the communist movements in Latin America and the prospects for successful social revolutions in Venezuela, Chile, Costa Rica, Uruguay, and Brazil.

January 24, 1969

Minutes of Todor Zhivkov – Indira Gandhi Meeting, Delhi

The two leaders talk about Vietnam, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the situation in Europe.

April 27, 1970

Minutes of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov and Aldo Moro, Sofia, 1970

Todor Zhivkov and the Italian Foreign Minister, Aldo Moro, discuss the political and trade relations between People’s Republic of Bulgaria and Italy. They both emphasize the need for securing a long-lasting peace on the continent.

March 10, 1985

Excerpts from the Indictment of Mehmet Ali Agca

Conclusions of the Investigation Case #179/1982 against Mehmet Ali Agca. The indictment contains details of the Bulgarian investigation of the assassination attempt against John Paul II.

November 15, 1965

Letter from Angel Solakov to V.Semichastni on Acquired Materials from the Italian Embassy in Sofia

State Security Committee Chief, Solakov, forwards to Moscow materials acquired by Bulgarian secret agents from the Italian embassy building. Among the documents are code books and classified correspondence with Rome.

April 30, 1947

Bulgarian Secretariat Decision B-116 Regarding New State Security Directorate’s Structure and Personal Changes of its Leadership

Decision Memoranda regarding the personnel changes following the creation of the State Security Directorate.


Review from Gen. Grigor Grigorov on Subversive Activities of Turkish Intelligence 1968-1969

Report on the work of Turkish intelligence services in Bulgaria.

April 1, 1951

Plans for Counterintelligence Work in the Nessebar Military Site

Measures for improving the counterintelligence work at the ''Nessebar'' military site.