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September 30, 1968

Gen. Djurov’s Report on the participation of Bulgarian troops in the Warsaw Pact operation in Czechoslovakia, 30 September 1968

The Minister reports on the progress of the allied operation and on the strength of the Czech resistance.

May 6, 1987

Transcript of Conversation between Todor Zhivokov and Zhao Ziyang in Beijing

Talks with Zhao Ziyang 6 of May 1987 in Beijing regarding Chinese and Bulgarian Communist policies.

March 26, 1965

Minutes of Todor Zhivkov – Raul Castro Meeting in Sofia

Zhivkov lays out his perspective on the place of Bulgaria within the Communist Camp. He also talks about the Balkans and the rift between Bulgaria and Romania. Both leaders discuss the Chinese accusations of Soviet Revisionism. Raul Castro talks about the strength of the communist movements in Latin America and the prospects for successful social revolutions in Venezuela, Chile, Costa Rica, Uruguay, and Brazil.

August 15, 1968

Report from the Bulgarian Ambassador in Havana, Stefan Petrov to Todor Zhivkov on the Domestic and Foreign Policy of Cuba

The ambassador gives an assessment of the Cuban domestic and foreign policy. He characterizes Fidel Castro as an adventurer and points to certain communist party decisions that are incompatible with the Marxist-Leninist doctrine.

October 13, 1955

CC BCP Politburo Resolution "B" Protocol for Cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Stasi

The CC BCP Politburo approves the protocol for cooperation between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the East German Ministry for State Security (Stasi), agreed upon at a September meeting in Berlin.

November 15, 1947

Letter from Assen Georgiev to Bulgarian Foreign Minister K. Georgiev on Bulgarian Intelligence Activity in France

The head of the Bulgarian legation in Paris blames the lack of funds and the shortage of personnel for the scarce intelligence information sent back to Sofia.


Agreement for Collaboration between Bulgarian and Cuban Ministries of the Interior

The agreement specifies the bilateral cooperation in the intelligence field.


Proposal from Angel Solakov to CC BCP Secretariat on Sending a Ministry Representative to Warsaw

A proposal from the Minister of Internal Affairs to the BCP CC for putting one counter-intelligence operative on staff in the Bulgarian Embassy in Warsaw.

April 9, 1979

Memorandum of Todor Zhivkov – Fidel Castro Conversation, Havana

Memorandum of a discussion of the future of socialism in Latin America. Castro expects that the social instability of the region will lead to increased socialist influence and revolutionary movements, specifically in Nicaragua and Grenada. He cites two difficulties in his quest to help the Latin American revolutionary forces: his weapons stockpile is running low, and he has agreed to not transfer Soviet weapons to other countries.

December 10, 1983

Minutes of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov and Dimitri Fyodorovich Ustinov