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October 11, 1986

CPSU Central Committee, 'On Military Technical Cooperation with Foreign Countries'

The CPSU Central Committee reports on key considerations for improving Soviet leadership in defense and industry in the context of military technical cooperation with foreign countries.


Information on the Order of Implementing Military Technical Cooperation of the USSR with Foreign Countries

List of responsibilities allocated to the USSR Council of Ministers, CPSU Central Committee, Ministry of Foreign Economic Connections, and other relevant ministries on issues relating to the implementation of military technical cooperation between the USSR and foreign countries.

August 28, 1987

Proposals on the Order of Composing Documents on Questions of Military Technical Cooperation with Foreign Countries

This document outlines the correct workflow for creating and distributing various documents on military technical cooperation with foreign countries.

October 16, 1986

Statute on the Inter-Governmental Commission to Coordinate the Work of the PRB, HPR, GDR, PPR, USSR, and CSSR on Export Control on a Multi-Party Basis

This statute creates an inter-governmental commission aimed at coordinating the efforts of the People's Republic of Bulgaria, the Hungarian People’s Republic, the German Democratic Republic, the Polish People’s Republic, the USSR, and the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic to prevent exports that might be used by capitalist or developing countries to reach their military or economic potentials.

August 15, 1986

Resolution of the USSR Defense Council, 'On Military Cooperation in the 12th Five Year Plan with Socialist and Developing Countries'

This 1986 resolution catalogs failings in Soviet practices for military cooperation with Socialist and developing countries.

May 14, 1955

Warsaw Pact Treaty

Treaty establishing the Warsaw Pact in response to the integration of West Germany into NATO.

September 7, 1955

Statute of the Unified Command of the Member States of the Warsaw Treaty

The responsibilities and duties of the officials of the Warsaw Treaty Armed Forces Joint Command are outlined.

April 7, 1981

Report, Discussion with Supreme Commander of the Combined Military Forces of the Warsaw Pact on 7 April 1981 in Legnica (PR Poland)

German military commanders meet with Marshal Kulikov following the evaluation meeting by the joint operative-strategic Command Staff Exercise "SOYUZ-81." Kulikov states that the military exercise was called to support Polish leaders Jaruzelski and Kania and so "a certain pressure should also be exerted upon the leadership of 'Solidarity.'"

July 27, 1968

Warsaw Pact Military Planning: To Division General Cde. Chocha

Soviet General-Lieutenant Kozmin requests information from Polish General Chocha so that Soviet troops may pass through Polish territory.

August 30, 1968

Cipher Telegram 3238-643, To the Commanding General of the 2nd Army of the Polish Armed Forces, Brigade General Cde. F. Siwicki

This text of this telegram is virtually identical to that of telegram 3234-8/220, also sent 30 August 1968.