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June 24, 1972

Report from Kádas István, 'The visit of Korean ambassador Pak Gyeong-sun'

A report by Kadas Istvan on a conversation with North Korean ambassador Pak Gyeong-sun about the US violation of the armistice treaty and inter-Korean relations.

July 10, 1979

Note for the File, 'Main Points Made by President Kim Il Sung in the Meeting with the Secretary-General on 3 May in PyongYang'

Kim Il Sung claims that North Korea "would like to have economical, political and cultural cooperation with the Republic of Korea."

February 11, 1977

Letter to the US Secretary of State from Heo Dam

A letter from Heo Dam, the minister of Foreign Affairs of North Korea, stating North Korea's stance on the US government's withdrawal policy and suggesting direct talks between US and North Korea.

February 2, 1978

TELEGRAM 066.539 from the Romanian Embassy in Pyongyang to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

North Korea's stance on Korean reunification and the United Nations is made clear during a visit of a Soviet delegation to Pyongyang.

May 17, 1978

TELEGRAM 084.650 from the Romanian Embassy in Washington to the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

David Blakemore mentions delays in the withdrawal of US troops, congressional investigations of illegal ROK activities in the US, and human rights issue in the ROK.

March 10, 1980

The North-South Dialogue and Potential Codel Visit to North Korea

Assistant Secretary Holbrooke informs the American Embassy in Seoul that Ambassador Kim Yong-sik and the ROK are extremely upset by Congressman Solarz's intent to go to Pyongyang. He emphasizes that Solarz is aware of US policy toward North Korea and would not carry a message from the US during his visit.

March 10, 1980

Congressman Solarz Visit to North Korea

The Department of State notes that the ROK media reported LDP Diet member Mihara's decision not to go to Pyongyang, heightening the visibility and sensitivity of a visit by Congressman Solarz to the DPRK.

March 17, 1980

Potential Solarz Codel to North and South Korea

The note recounts a discussion with the South Korean Ambassador regarding Congressman Solarz's intention to visit North Korea.

March 17, 1980

Potential Solarz Codel to North and South Korea

This note discusses Congressman Solarz's potential visit to North Korea.

September 3, 1980

Congressman Solarz's Talks in North Korea

Donald Gregg informs Brzezinski that Congressman Solarz had not forwarded the transcript of his conversations with Kim Il Sung and Kim Young Nam to South Korea.