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April 28, 1969

Col. Mieczysław Białek, 'Record of Conversation conducted by Col. Białek with USSR Military Attaché Col. Latishev'

The Polish and Soviet military attachés in North Korea discuss recent developments. Some generals in the DPRK are being purged or demoted for not sufficiently praising and following the experiences of the anti-Japanese partisan movement.

October 3, 1968

Col. Mieczysław Białek, 'Record of Conversation at the Military Attaché Office and with the Ambassador of Soviet Union in Pyongyang, Comrade Sudarikov'

Socialist bloc officials discuss developments at the Korean armistice line and the fate of the USS Pueblo crew.

August 17, 1969

From the Journal of N.M. Shubnikov, 'Record of a Conversation with General-Colonel Kim Cheol-man, First Deputy Chief of the KNA General Staff'

Kim Cheol-man states that at 11:15 am, an anti-aircraft artillery of Korean People’s Army shot down an American military helicopter, which intruded into the airspace of DPRK.

April 16, 1969

From the Journal of N.G. Sudarikov, 'Record of a Conversation with Pak Seong-cheol, Member of the KWP CC Politburo, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, and DPRK Minister of Foreign Affairs'

Sudarikov updates Pak Seong-cheol on the US and South Korean reactions following the shootdown of the American airplane. Pak Seong-cheol says that the DPRK should not forgive this imperialistic enemy.

April 16, 1969

Record of Conversation between N.G. Sudarikov and Heo Dam, the leader of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of DPRK

Heo Dam reports on the DPRK's recent shootdown of an American plane which violated North Korean air space.

February 23, 1968

Excerpt from a Letter of the Acting Ambassador of East Germany to North Korea, Comrade Jarck

Ambassador Jarck reports his assessment of North Korean intentions in the seizure of the USS Pueblo and the simultaneous Blue House Raid.

February 23, 1972

Letters between Narasimhan and Ozbudun

Update on UNCURK committee meetings, 19th preliminary Red Cross negotiations, ROK statement on preconditions for Korean settlement, and expedition of Japan-DPRK trade relationship.

February 23, 1972

Letters between Ahmet H. Ozbudun and C.V. Narasimhan

Ozbudun sends Narasimhan a letter on the 19th ROK-DPRK Red Cross preliminary meeting, the first session of the Commission for 1972, a briefing for UNCURK, Japan-DPRK trade and other "relations", and statement of the ROK Foreign Minister on pre-conditions towards a Korean settlement.

April 24, 1973

Letters between Ahmet H. Ozbudun and C.V. Narasimhan

Upadhya sends Narasimhan a report on North Korean infiltrators being killed by South Korean forces inside the DMZ on 18 April, 1973.

March 21, 1973

Letter, Ahmet H. Ozbudun to C.V. Narasimhan, "Briefing by the ROK Foreign Minister"

Ozbudun sends Narasimhan a letter containing a briefing by the ROK Foreign Minister on the issue of security incidents, the German example and Korea, South-North dialogue, and policy of the ROK at the United Nations. Second session of the North-South co-ordination committee and commander of the Capital Garrison command being arrested for a coup d'etat attempt are also mentioned.