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Meeting between Saddam Hussein and His Military Commanders after the First Gulf War

Saddam and his military commanders discuss troop training, military planning, and Iraq's missile reserves following the Gulf War.


Iraqi Cabinet Meeting with Saddam Hussein and the Atomic Energy Committee

Saddam and his ministers discuss the reorganization and rebuilding of the Iraqi nuclear program.


Meeting between Saddam Hussein and His Cabinet Discussing a Plan to Develop Iraqi Cities

Saddam and his ministers discuss housing and urban development in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities.


Meeting between Saddam Hussein and Top Political Advisors Concerning Diplomacy with the United States and Russia


Meeting between Saddam Hussein and Top Political Advisors about a United Nations Air Survey Request

Rolf Ekeus, head of the UN inspection committee on nuclear weapons, requested the United Statesprovide him with an aircraft so he could do an aerial survey of Iraqi lands.

October 16, 2000

Training Documentation Pertaining to Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Threats to the Republican Guard and Iraq

Training, instructions, procedures, and precautionary measures against threats.

January 1996

Saddam Hussein Meeting with the General Command of the Armed Forces Regarding Iraqi Development and Defense Theory

Iraq's presence in the Middle East and its international role are discussed, along with strategies for progress in terms of military strength and defense.

November 1995

Meeting between Saddam Hussein and the Revolutionary Council Regarding the Sanctions Placed on Iraq and Tariq Aziz’s Trip to the UN Security Council

Iraqi foreign minister, Tariq Aziz, reports that he may have reduced UN suspicion through compliance with sanctions that had been placed on Iraq regarding WMD's, along with his report to the Council that "gaps" in weapons files will be closed sooner than anticipated.

June 19, 1995

Saddam Hussein Meeting with Ba’ath Party Members to Discuss the Results of the UN Inspectors’ Mission to Look for WMDs

Saddam, General Amir, and Party members speculate on various motivations behind a UN plan for monitoring the status of WMD's in Iraq. Saddam states that Iraq possesses no biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons, but he is informed that a "traitor" had falsely reported to the UN that Iraq was in the possession of a certain number of missiles. They discuss possible UN conclusions and assumptions regarding WMD's in Iraq.

February 5, 1995

Meeting between Saddam Hussein and His Security Council Regarding Iraqi Biological and Nuclear Weapons Program

Saddam and his Security Council discuss Iraqi biological and nuclear weapons program. Focusing primarily on the biological file, they consider possible interpretations by Ekeus, director of the United Nations Special Commission on Iraq, as well as potential UN reactions.