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February 7, 1955

Memorandum for Mr. Allen Dulles, Director, Central Intelligence Agency

The Department of State shares with the CIA several documents, including a record of conversation between Anthony Eden and a Soviet diplomat in London on February 2, 1955; a record of conversation between Ambassador Hayter and Molotov on February 4; a translation of Molotov's statement made to Hayter; and comments made by Humphrey Trevelyan. 

May 17, 1959

Several Notices from the Central Committee regarding Taiwan Work

The CCP Central Committee outlines its strategy toward Taiwan and how provincial and municipal level bodies in the PRC can effectively contribute to undermining Chiang Kai-shek's rule.

October 17, 1958

CCP Central Committee Notice on the Current Situation in the Conflict with the United States

The CCP Central Committee issues guidance on how the Party is navigating the struggle with the United States over Taiwan's future.

November 10, 1958

Premier Zhou Enlai’s Report on the Current Situation of Conflict and Our Current Tasks in the Taiwan Straits Region

An internal speech given by Zhou Enlai during the 1958 Taiwan Straits Crisis.

November 11, 1958

Premier Zhou’s Report on the Current Situation and Conflict in the Taiwan Region and the Chinese People’s Tasks in the Anti-Imperialist Fight

An internal speech given by Zhou Enlai during the 1958 Taiwan Straits Crisis.

October 22, 1960

Chairman Mao Receives American Writer [Edgar] Snow

A summary of Mao's comments to Edgar Snow concerning Taiwan, Jinmen (Quemoy), and Mazu (Matsu), as well as China's legal status at the UN.

September 16, 1959

G. Zhukov to the CPSU CC

A PRC memorandum outlines supposed American plots to create “two Chinas."

March 1, 1958

From the Journal of K.A. Krutikov, 'Record of a Conversation with GONG PUSHENG, Chief of the PRC MFA Department of International Organizations'

Gong Pusheng outlines the competitions between the Republic of China and the People's Republic of China for representation in different international political bodies.

June 21, 1971

Transcript of Conversation between Zhou Enlai and William Attwood

American journalist William Attwood asks Premier Zhou whether the primary obstacle between the U.S. and China is Taiwan, how China plans to reunify with Taiwan, and how China plans to address differences in living standards after reunification. Zhou says that China's stance on the Taiwan issue is that Taiwan belongs to China and the U.S. should not to interfere in China's domestic matters, withdraw its armed forces from the Taiwan straits, and respect China's sovereignty. Zhou believes that living standards will only be improved when Taiwan reunifies with the mainland.

April 14, 1971

[Zhou Enlai's] Conversation with the U.S. Table Tennis Delegation

Zhou Enlai speaks with President of the U.S. Table Tennis Association, Graham Steenhoven, after the 31st annual World Table Tennis Championships. Steenhoven thanks Premier Zhou for inviting the U.S. ping-pong team and U.S. journalists to China. U.S. journalists ask Zhou to comment on the American hippie movement. Steenhoven extends an invitation to the Chinese ping-pong team to visit the U.S.