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March 19, 1955

Report from the Premier's Office, 'Work Situation of the Preparations for China's Participation in the Asian-African Conference'

The daily meeting regarding the preparation for the Asian-African Conference decided the number of the Chinese delegation and press, the necessary documents, and the itinerary to Indonesia and logistic issues.

April 26, 1948

Cable, Mao Zedong to Filippov [Stalin]

Mao tells Filippov (Stalin) about the move of the Central Committee to a more rural area in China. Mao also discusses his plans for his trip to Moscow.

August 12, 1964

Mao Zedong’s Comments on the War Department’s April 25 Report

Mao Zedong praises the War Department's report on China's preparations for enemy attack.

April 25, 1964

Report by the War Department of the General Staff

Report on China’s readiness and defense against an enemy attack.

June 2007

The Ginzburg's Case. Folder 48. The Chekist Anthology.

In this folder Mitrokhin specifically focuses on Alexander Ginsburg’s anti-Soviet activities in the 1970s. The note recounts that Ginsburg was a repeat offender for promoting opposition to the Soviet regime and the head of the Russian Social Fund and Solzhenitsyn Fund. His position allowed him to receive financial and material aid from different foreign institutions–something that was prohibited by Soviet law. Ginsburg had been supplying these funds to many organizations promoting anti-socialist propaganda (including Ukrainian nationalist clubs, Jewish extremists, and Orthodox activists). According to Mitrokhin, Ginsburg received 270,000 rubles of foreign aid in the 1970s.

Mitrokhin reports that the KGB believed that in 1976 the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) ordered Ginsburg to unite all anti-Soviet adherents to actively and publicly support the Helsinki Accords. He also had been passing on important information about major anti-Soviet activities held in the Soviet Union to American correspondents Thomas Kent, Alfred Short, and others.

As Mitrokhin reports, in 1979 the CIA exchanged Ginsburg for two Soviet spies. After the exchange, Alexander Ginzburg was tried, but was not convicted because all witnesses refused to give evidence.

January 31, 1953

Political Directive for the Delegation of the GDR to Conclude a Trade Agreement with the Egyptian Government

The directive mentions the rules for a GDR delegation visiting Egypt. The goal of the visit was the conclusion of a trade agreement advantageous to both countries. The delegates had to reject any discriminatory remarks against the GDR and other socialist countries, observe the press coverage about the meeting, pay close attention to political remarks, not contact other Germans in Egypt, and contact East Berlin if problems were to occur.