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March 27, 1952

National Intelligence Estimate Number 27/1, 'Chinese Communist Capabilities and Intentions with Respect to Taiwan through 1952'

The CIA predicts that, as long as US support to Taiwan remains constant, the PRC cannot stage a successful attack on the island.

March 16, 1955

National Intelligence Estimate Number 100-4-55, 'Communist Capabilities and Intentions with Respect to the Offshore Islands and Taiwan through 1955, and Communist and Non-Communist Reactions with Respect to the Defense of Taiwan'

The CIA on whether the PRC has the ability to seize Taiwan and/or the offshore islands.

Date unknown

Questions and Answers about Space Weapons

This CND pamphlet sets out the case against the development of the Strategic Defense Initiative which was being pursued by the Reagan Administration.

July 3, 1985

Letter, Joan Ruddock and Bruce Kent to Vice-President of the United States George Bush

This letter to then Vice-President Bush sets out CND's opposition to the British Government's involvement in the Reagan Administration's Strategic Defense Initiative (popularly known as Star Wars).

Date unknown

Russian Roulette: Don't Let CND Gamble with Peace

This poster produced by the Coalition for Peace through Security suggests that peace groups such as the CND paradoxically endanger peace. The image also associates the CND with the Soviet Union.

Date unknown

CND: Communists, Neutralists, Defeatists

This leaflet produced by the Coalition for Peace through Security attacks the CND specifically as being 'Communists, neutralists, defeatists'. It likens the CND to 'the Appeasers during the 1930s'.

Date unknown

The Soviet Union Needs You! Support Unilateral Disarmament!

This leaflet produced by Youth for Multilateral Disarmament suggests that the policy of the UK divesting itself of nuclear weapons - called 'one-sided disarmament' in the leaflet - would serve Soviet interests and weaken Britain. 

April 1983

Welcome to the Greenham Common Blockade, A Non-Violent Direct Action, Easter 1983

This pamphlet provides participants with information on taking part in a blockade of RAF Greenham Common, where Cruise missiles would be deployed from the end of 1983. Readers are encouraged to engage in direct action, and extensive legal advice is given to clarify what forms of action are legal.

Date unknown

30 Questions and Answers about CND [Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament]

Pamphlet produced by CND to explain the organisation and the causes for which it was campaigning.

April 1983

Stand Together!

This CND leaflet sets out some of the organisation's campaigning priorities and includes the lyrics to a song that featured at CND rallies. Readers are encouraged to join the CND.