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February 2001

Letter to Saudi Crown Prince Abdallah Bin Abdul Aziz from Saddam Hussein Asking for Help and Admitting a Mistake; Letter from Izzat Ibrahim to the Same Prince

Letter to Saudi Crown Prince Abdallah Bin Abdul Aziz from Saddam Hussein Asking for Help and Admitting a Mistake; Letter from Izzat Ibrahim to the Same Prince

October 19, 1979

A Handwritten Letter from Qasim Salam to Saddam Hussein

This file includes a handwritten letter from Qasim Salam to Saddam Hussein dated 19 October 1978 regarding the latest events in Yemen and some notes on these events, including the Saudi-Yemeni conspiracy to kill Ba'ath Party members.

May 1, 1991

Saddam Hussein and Military Officials Discussing the Condition of the Iraqi Army and Its Possible Enlargement

This audio file from a meeting dated 1 May 1991 between Saddam Hussein and the General Command of the Army regarding the enlargement of the Army, the political changes which affect the Army and its training. Saddam Hussein admired the forming of the Republican Guards groups, soldeirs who participated in Qadissyah Saddam (Iran-Iraq War). In addition, this file includes a discussion regarding the invasion of Kuwait and the low morale of Iraqi soldiers, the American request to cease-fire because of the Iraqi soldiers' brevity, the gradual erosion of Iraqi morale on the front, and the increase of Divisions' numbers within the Army. Major General Sultan discussed the use of high-technology weapons by the American forces in the First Gulf War.

Date unknown

Saddam Talks About His Army and How the Iraqis Are Strong and United with Their Leader in a Regular Meeting Expressing Personal Philosophy

This 97 minute audio file comes from a meeting between Saddam Hussein and some other Iraqi officials, possibly Ba'ath Party members. During the meeting, Saddam explains to the others his personal philosophies on the difference between the terms "democracy," "freedom," "liberty," and "capitalism."


Saddam Hussein Meeting with his Cabinet and Ba'ath Party Members During the Embargo on Iraq and the Russian-Chechen War, and the Status of Iraqi Politics in Leadup to Elections

The following undated, hour long audio tape is from a meeting between Saddam Hussein, his cabinet, and Ba'ath Party members regarding the embargo on Iraq and the Russian-Chechen War.

July 1993

Saddam Meets with Tariq Aziz and Iraqi High-ranking Officials Regarding Ekeus, Inspections, and other Matters

This audio file contains a meeting between Saddam Hussein and Iraqi high-ranking officials in which they discuss different issues. Tarqi Aziz discusses the technical negotiations in New York, and the Security Council Resolution 687 of 1991. He asks whether the sanctions will be lifted after the end of the special commission. He recommends hurrying with the commission to shorten the period of inspection and to let them use the cameras they requested in order to claim Iraq had not imposed any obstacles during the inspection process. Saddam states the special target group is concerned with future observation rather than what they have already done so far. He adds that the attempts of overthrowing the regime have failed, thus they insist on using cameras to guarantee future observation. One of the speakers advises to let the team work in a technical and a professional mechanism away from means of media which always exaggerate things and make matters worse. Saddam shifts to another subject, saying that Iraq has unmasked western democracy. They discuss European political affairs, ruling parties, socialism, and what Arabs and Asians face from offering those hard jobs and low positions requiring only physical effort. Finally, they agree to send a message to the commission saying that when you believe in an appropriate way towards Iraq, you will have positive results. 


Meeting Between Saddam Hussein and His Cabinet Regarding Iran-Iraq War

This audio file contains a meeting between Saddam and his cabinet regarding the Iran-Iraq War. Saddam discusses the resolutions of the Security Council, the position of various Arab states, the role of chemical weapons and other subjects. The attack on the USS Stark is also discussed.

October 18, 1984

Saddam and Officials Discussing Military Operations and Secret Project During the Iran-Iraq War

This audio file contains a meeting between Saddam Hussein and unknown officials dated 18 Oct 1984. They are discussing military and diplomatic issues pertaining to the Iran-Iraq War

November 26, 1994

Saddam Hussein meeting with the Revolutionary Council

The audio tape is comprised of an assembly held in the presence of President Saddam Hussein and his cabinet. They discussed various subjects related to Iraqi internal and external affairs.

February 1991

Saddam Lectures His Cabinet about the Virtues of Iraq and Promises that the Americans Will Learn a Lesson

Saddam Hussein in a meeting with his cabinet in February or March 1991, around the conclusion of the Gulf War. Saddam discusses the depravity of the United States and the injustice of American military action. He disparages other Arab leaders. He compares himself to previous Arab leaders, and discusses the Palestinian question.