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January 7, 1982

Memorandum from David D. Gries for the Director and Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, 'Limiting Arms Sales and the Taiwan Relations Act'

David D. Gries advises how to address arms sales to Taiwan while satisfying both Beijing's demands and stipulations contained in the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA). His memo includes copies of the Taiwan Relations Act (Public Law 96-8, Apr. 10, 1979), the Joint Communique on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the USA and the PRC (January 1, 1979), the Statement of the Government of the PRC (January 1, 1979), and the Joint Communique issued at Shanghai (February 27, 1972) as reference documents. 

This document was declassified on October 19, 2007, by the Central Intelligence Agency. Another copy of the same document was declassified by CIA on November 14, 2007.

February 1, 1982

Central Intelligence Agency, Directorate of Intelligence, 'Taiwan: Reaction to US Arms Sale Announcement'

A CIA assessment of how leading figures in Taipei will react following the announcement that the United States will sell Northrop F-5E aircraft to Taiwan.

March 9, 1982

Bush's Press Conference at Beijing Airport on 9 May [1982]

Selected questions and answers from George H.W. Bush on arms sales to Taiwan.

August 17, 1982

The White House, Office of the Press Secretary, Statement by the President [Ronald Reagan], August 17, 1982, 7:00 am EDT

Following the conclusion of a joint communique with the PRC, President Reagan makes a statement on US policy towards Taiwan.

February 1982

Central Intelligence Agency, Directorate of Intelligence, 'Taiwan: New Leaders and New Policies: An Intelligence Assessment'

A CIA memorandum on the implications of leadership changes in Taiwan. The report profiles Sun Yun-hsuan, Sung Chang-chih, Chao Yao-tung, and Lin Yang-kang, among other leading politicians.

February 7, 1955

Memorandum for Mr. Allen Dulles, Director, Central Intelligence Agency

The Department of State shares with the CIA several documents, including a record of conversation between Anthony Eden and a Soviet diplomat in London on February 2, 1955; a record of conversation between Ambassador Hayter and Molotov on February 4; a translation of Molotov's statement made to Hayter; and comments made by Humphrey Trevelyan. 

May 1, 1954

Current Intelligence Bulletin, 1 May 1954

A heavily redacted copy of the CIA's "Current Intelligence Bulletin" for May 1, 1954. Released sections include "Soviet diplomat urges immediate cease-fire in Indochina" and "[Syngman] Rhee reported dis leased with Chiang Kai-shek." Four other sections were withheld in their entirety.

March 8, 1963

Central Intelligence Agency Memorandum, 'The Succession to Chiang Kai-shek'

The CIA evaluates two possible successors to Chiang Kai-shek: his son, Chiang Ching-kuo, and Chen Cheng.

November 14, 1984

Central Intelligence Agency, Directorate of Intelligence, 'Taiwan: Abandoning Low Key Diplomacy'

The Office of East Asian Analysis at the CIA concludes that Taiwan is moving away from its "lowkey diplomacy" and reverting to a tougher and more aggressive stance in defending its international standing.

April 10, 1984

Central Intelligence Agency, Directorate of Intelligence, 'Deng Xiaoping's Discussion of Taiwan with the President [Ronald Reagan]'

A CIA memo anticipating what Deng Xiaoping might say about Taiwan when meeting with US President Reagan in late April 1984.