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January 28, 1957

Gazette of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 1957, No. 4 (Overall Issue No. 77)

This issue features content on China's relations with the Soviet Union, Hungary, Afghanistan, and Hong Kong. It also has sections on tax relief and loan assistance for poor production teams and military, prevention and treatment of Kashin-Beck Disease, the collection of revolutionary history archives, regulations on production, business, infrastructure, and Soviet activities, and village transfer and reassignment.

July 20, 1956

Gazette of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 1956, No. 27 (Overall Issue No. 53)

This issue includes messages that Zhou Enlai exchanged with Syrian Foreign Minister Salah al-Din Bitar after Syria officially recognized China. It also features a statement about an invitation from Zhou Enlai for Afghan Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud Khan to visit China and his acceptance. Other sections discuss regulations for the organization of various local People's Congresses and People's Committees and wage reform.

March 12, 1955

Gazette of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 1955, No. 1 (Overall Issue No. 4)

This issue includes statements from Zhou Enlai about American intervention in Taiwan, the establishment of Sino-Yugoslav relations, Sino-Afghan relations, and Sino-Indonesian trade. It also condemns American, French, and KMT Nationalist activities in North Vietnam. Finally, it discusses domestic topics such as divorce and manufacturing.

November 9, 1986

Cable No. 3757, Ambassador Nakae to the Foreign Minister, 'The Prime Minister’s Visit to China (Meeting with General Secretary Hu - Japan-China Relations)'

Hu and Nakasone discuss some of their countries respective foreign policy priorities, including the USSR, the United States, the Cambodian-Vietnamese conflict, Eastern Europe, and Afghanistan, as well as arms control.

April 27, 1970

Embassy of the GDR in the PR China, 'Note about the Club Meeting of the Ambassadors and Acting Ambassadors of Hungary, Czechoslovakia, the GDR, the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Poland, and Mongolia on 17 April 1970 in the Embassy of Poland'

A report on the current domestic situation of China and their foreign policy.

October 18, 1964

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia, 'Reactions to China's Nuclear Test'

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia describing positive responses from Indonesian government officials and foreign government officials in Indonesia regarding China's nuclear test.

January 21, 1957

Summary of the Two Conversations between Premier Zhou and Prime Minister Khan of Afghanistan

Zhou Enlai and Mohammed Daoud Khan agree to strengthen cooperation between China and Afghanistan.

March 8, 1962

Summary of Conversation between Premier Zhou Enlai and Pakistan’s Ambassador to the PRC, Rashidi (Excerpt)

Zhou Enlai and Ali Muhammad Rashidi discuss the disputes between Pakistan and India and Afghanistan, and China's positions in those conflicts.

May 19, 1982

Memorandum of Conversations between SED General Secretary Erich Honecker and Afghan Leader Babrak Karmal

Karmal describes threats against the Soviet-backed Afghan government from Pakistan, Iran, the US, China, and Egypt.

May 12, 1982

CPSU Memorandum, 'The Position of the PRC on Afghanistan'

Report describing China's subversive actions against the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan.