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March 28, 1969

Far East Department of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'The Domestic Situation and the Foreign Policy of the Korean People's Democratic Republic'(Regarding political report and other information materials of Soviet embassy in DPRK in 1968)

The document discusses the DPRK's difficult economic situation and several changes in the political system, such as a new ideology "Juche" and shifts in the high command in parties. It also examines international politics of DPRK with China, Japan, and the Soviet Union.

August 30, 1972

Report from Marjai József, 'Information from the Korean ambassador on current issues regarding the Hungarian-Korean relations'

A report by Marjai Jozsef about a conversation with North Korean ambassador Pak Gyeong-sun regarding Hungarian-North Korean relations and South Korea’s attempts to build relations with Hungary.

February 28, 1955

Letter, Harold Lady to Syngman Rhee

Harold Lady warns of a possible fertilizer shortage and resulting food shortage.


Newspaper, 'Measures to Alleviate Farmers' Plight Urged'

Chayu Shinbo accuses the Korean Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of not responding to the plight of starving farmers.

April 22, 1955

Letter, Harold Lady to Syngman Rhee

Harold Lady forwards a proposal from Ed. Steiner & Co. for a rice enrichment program.

March 11, 1954

Letter, General Maxwell D. Taylor to Syngman Rhee

The Eighth Army will permit farming in military controlled areas and allow for resettlement of civilians.

October 29, 1953

Letter, John W. Staggers to Syngman Rhee

John W. Staggers informs Syngman Rhee about an offer of seed corn from Phillips Associates in Chicago.

October 28, 1953

Memorandum, Michael Leonard Company, dictated by Mr. Van L. Phillips

The Michael Leonard Company needed confirmation from the Korean Government regarding distribution of 250,000 pounds of sweet corn seed.

November 26, 1953

Letter, Syngman Rhee to John W. Staggers

Syngman Rhee response to "Jack" of Phillips Associates regarding an offer of seed corn to distribute in Korea. He mentions issues with the Indian Custodial Force who were guarding prisoners of war following the armistice agreement.

December 3, 1953

Letter, John W. Staggers to Syngman Rhee

There will be no charge for seed corn offered by Phillips Associates and Michael Leonard Company.