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March 19, 1963

Memorandum from Major General W. O. Senter, Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, Systems and Logistics, U.S. Air Force, with attachment 'A Plan for the Withdrawal and Disposition of the SM-78 (Jupiter) Weapon System from Italy and Turkey [:] Operation Pot Pie

The Joint Chiefs of Staff had appointed the Air Force as “Executive Agent” for taking charge of the Jupiter removal from Italy and Turkey, and Air Force General William Senter signed off on the plan of action. Under the plan, the Jupiter’s classified components, including the warheads and guidance systems, would be returned to the United States, while remaining portions of the missiles were to be rendered “unidentifiable,” the meaning of which was described in detail (PDF p. 7): removal of the missiles from launching areas, separating the engines from the missiles, dismantling “sub-systems,” and “orderly disposition of the remaining components.”  This was consistent with the Joint Staff’s recommendations for salvage procedures to ensure that both Italy and Turkey had access to useful non-sensitive equipment and parts.  Under the plan, various U.S. military organizations, including the Italian and Turkish Air Forces, would have specific responsibilities, which were described in detail as were procedures for the return of the warheads, re-entry vehicles and guidance systems to the United States.

The dismantling operation in Italy, nicknamed Pot Pie I, would begin on April 1, while the operation in Turkey, Pot Pie II, would begin on April 15, with a “minimum of publicity” in both countries.  The plan would be classified as “Confidential NOFORN,” although, as noted, elements of it were to be shared with Italian and Turkish officials.

September 1, 1946

J. DeF Barker, Birgadier General, to the Commanding General, USAFE, 'Investigtation of Underground Installations'

The report details the expectations of an investigation into German underground structures.

August 29, 1945

George C. McDonald, Brigadier General, to the Commanding General, USAFE, 'German Underground Structures'

The report delivers observations and conclusions of Germany's underground structures.

November 2, 1945

George C. McDonald, Brigadier General, Asst. Chief of Staff A-2, to Major Ernest Englander, 'German Underground Installations'

The memorandum calls for a study into German underground structures including Major E. Englander's personal interrogation of Hans Kammler.

July 10, 1945

Intelligence Report No. 02

The intelligence report lists departments of the German military aparatus and their operating status.

March 1, 1945

Memorandum: G. A. F. Personnel in U.S. Custody

German non-technical G.A.F. personnel in U.S. custody including Hans Kammler.

March 30, 1945

Memorandum: German Non-Technical Personnel in U.S. Custody

German non-technical personnel in U.S. custody including Hans Kammler.