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April 14, 1961

Memorandum of Conversation between Li Xiannian and Abdyl Kellezi

Li Xiannian and Abdyl Kellezi review technical and economic assistance lent to Albania by China, Czechoslovakia, and the Soviet Union.

April 18, 1961

Vice Premier Li Xiannian receives Vice Chairman of the Albanian Council of Ministers Abdyl Kelezi for a Discussion on Assistance Project

Li Xiannian and Kellezi discuss China's economic aid to Albania.

December 29, 1969

Note on Exchanges of Opinions by the Ambassadors and Acting Ambassadors of Hungary, the GDR, Czechoslovakia, the USSR, Bulgaria, Poland, and Mongolia on the Subject of 'The PRC Position vis-a-vis the Socialist Countries' on 21 November and 3 December

Ambassadors of Hungary, GDR, Czechoslovakia, the USSR, Bulgaria, Poland, and Mongolia discuss the development of socialism and Maoism in the PRC in relation to other countries in the socialist camp.

October 10, 1969

Telegram Number 1930-33, 'China and the European Socialist Countries'

Etienne Manac’h reports that although China may soon re-appoint ambassadors to Eastern Europe, officials from Poland and Czechoslovakia are skeptical of China's policies toward their countries.

May 16, 1969

Note Number 399 from Pierre Cerles to Michel Debré, 'China and Eastern Europe'

Pierre Cerles provides an assessment of Chinese foreign policy toward Eastern Europe during the 1960s within the context of the Sino-Soviet split, the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, the Cultural Revolution, and China's own internal leadership divisions.

February 25, 1961

Report on the Second Meeting with the CCP Delegation to the Fourth Congress of the Albanian Labor Party

The conversation between Chinese head of the delegation to Albania, Li Xiannian, and the ALP CC First Secretary Enver Hoxha on the visit of the Chinese delegation to the Albanian Congress, the difficulties in the Soviet-Albanian relations, and the military and economic needs in Albania.