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October 5, 1968

Conversation between the Party of Labor of Albania Delegation, Headed by Comrade Beqir Balluku, and Comrade Mao Zedong on 5 October 1968, at 19:00-20.30

Mao Zedong provides a survey of how the Cultural Revolution is unfolding in localities across China.

May 13, 1966

Record of CCP Politburo Discussion related to Peng Zhen, with Corrections by Mao Zedong

A copy of a CCP CC Politburo discussion shared with the Albanian Labor Party.

June 29, 2020

Interview and Discussion with Sir Malcolm Rifkind

Discussion with Sir Malcolm Rifkind, former Defense Secretary and Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, about the 1990s and the new relationship that formed after the Cold War.

November 15, 1963

Conversation from [Mao Zedong's] Audience with the Albanian Prosecutor General and Others

Mao meets with the Albanian Prosecutor General, Aranit Çela, and Sofikli Papavasili, an inspector from the Central Committee of the Albanian Party of Labor, during their first visit to China. Among other topics, they discuss the need to wage class struggle and to reform counter-revolutionaries, such as the last Emperor of China, through education. The Chinese Prosecutor General, Zhang Dingcheng, and his deputy, Huang Huoxing, are also present. (Note that the given name of the Chinese Prosecutor General Zhang Dingcheng was redacted due to his being denouced by Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution.)

October 19, 1964

J.S. Mehta, 'China's Bomb and Its Consequences on her Nuclear and Political Strategy'

Analysis of the recent Chinese nuclear weapon test and it's strategic implications for China's diplomatic and military policies.

June 1966

Memorandum of Conversation, between the Delegation of the People’s Republic of China, Led by Comrade Zhou Enlai, and the Leadership of the Party and Government of the People’s Republic of Albania [Excerpts]

Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai meets with a delegation from Albania, and discusses with them Mao Zedong's 'Ten Theses on the Work in the Village.' The Albanians reaffirm their belief in the philosophical teachings of Mao, especially about opposing the dangers of revisionism. The group agrees that there were points at which Stalin was wrong, but that it would be wrong to publicly proclaim it.

October 12, 1967

Memorandum of Conversation between Albanian Labor Party Delegation and the Chinese Communist Party Leadership

The record of a meeting between Mao Zedong and the Albanian Labor Party delegation. Mao describes the current condition of China in regards to some fighting that still continues and the waning enthusiasm of the population for continued violence.

September 30, 1967

Memorandum of Conversation between Albanian Council of Ministers Chairman Mehmet Shehu and Mao Zedong

A record of a meeting between Albanian Council of Ministers Chairman Mehmet Shehu and Mao Zedong. Each tells stories of the formation of the Communist cause in their respective countries, and of internal enemies of the Albanian cause, especially Koci Xoxe.

June 29, 1962

Memorandum of Conversation, Albanian Labor Party Delegation with Mao Zedong

The delegation from the Albanian Labour Party meets with Chairman Mao Zedong, where both parties express disapproval toward Krushchev's policies of De-Stalinization. The Albanian delegates reaffirm their belief in the general Communist party of the USSR, despite Krushchev's actions.

November 12, 1960

Report of the Meeting of the Albanian Labor Party Delegation with Leaders of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 12 November 1960

An Albanian delegation headed by Enver Hoxha meets with Khrushchev and other Soviet officials to discuss the deterioration of Albanian-Soviet relations.