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October 25, 1967

Memorandum, Alex Long to Catherine Dupuy, 'Policy Review Report'

The CIA liaison official provides AMCOMLIB President Sargeant which his comments on draft policy papers (not attached).

June 22, 1967

Memorandum, Alex Long to Catherine Dupuy, 'Policy Review Memo of May 10 and May 24'

The CIA liaison officer provides AMCOMLIB policy official Dupuy with his views of the roles of CIA and AMCOMLIB officials in determining RL broadcast policy.

April 19, 1967

Letter, Howland H. Sargeant to Cord [Meyer]

AMCOMLIB President Sargeant provides CIA official  Cord Meyer with his views on alternative funding arrangements for RL and includes a draft (not attached).

February 19, 1963

Memorandum, Howland H. Sargeant to the [AMCOMLIB] Advisory Board

AMCOMLIB President Sargeant responds to CIA on a revised RL Country Paper it had forwarded. 

October 19, 1962

Letter, Howland H. Sargeant to Stan [Ward]

AMCOMLIB President Sargeant  provides the CIA liaison officer with an explanation of his memorandum on the Spanish Government’s request to share use of the RL transmitters.

August 30, 1962

Memorandum by Stan Ward, 'Draft PPS Radio Liberty's Task and Tone, 16 August 1962'

The CIA liaison official conveys to AMCOMLIB President Sargeant his disappointment with the referenced draft policy statement.

July 13, 1962

Memorandum by Stan Ward, 'Radio Liberty Programming'

A CIA official reviews for AMCOMLIB President Sargeant criticisms of RL programing made by RL policy advisor Tuck and suggests the need for additional management editorial control of problematic RL scripts.

July 11, 1962

Memorandum by Stan Ward, 'Policy Guidance for RL Broadcasts from Spanish Base'

A CIA IOD official recommends that an attached draft guidance [page 3 is missing] on RL’s transmitters in Spain be substituted for an RL Policy Position Statement of June 14, 1962. 

March 29, 1962

Memorandum from Howland H. Sargeant to the [AMCOMLIB] Board of Trustees

AMCOMLIB President Sargeant forwards to CIA a copy of Dupuy’s Memorandum of March 27, 1962, and stresses the importance of including preparations for publicity in taking policy decisions. 

December 1, 1958

Memorandum by Stan Ward, 'Dr. Zhivago Copyright'

A CIA IOD officer advises AMCOMLIB President Sargeant against broadcasting now the Russian-language text of Pasternak’s Dr. Zhivago, as published by the University of Michigan Press