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September 1, 1979

Report by the Special Group on Control of Theater Nuclear Forces

Report by NATO Special Group to the Ministers on how to approach negotiations with the URSS on INF.

September 28, 1979

High-Level Group Report on Modernization of NATO Nuclear Forces

Report by High-Level Group (HLG) to NATO secretary general outlining recommendations for the modernization and deployment of NATO theater nuclear forces. 3 Appendices. A: Deployment and Personnel; B: Military Effects militari; C: Selected Long-Range Systems balance - Ground-based systems.

May 3, 1974

Report by CSMD on Europe's Nine Autonomous Nuclear Force

Report by CSMD on prospective configuration of Europe's Nine autonomous nuclear force. Includes discussion of NATO burden-sharing, comparison of US and European nuclear forces and costs. Annexes: A: French Military Balance 1972; B: French nuclear forces; C: Military Budget 1972; D: European Community nuclear forces.

October 31, 1987

MAE Cable on INF Treaty Phasing Problem

Report on NATO Washington meeting on INF negotiations. The report addresses the US position concerning phasing, the issues raised by the other delegations as well as problems related to burden sharing.

December 8, 1987

MAE cable on intended use of Euromissile Bases

Note by ambassador to NATO Fulci on US request for secrecy concerning the intended use of euromissile bases after INF (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) Treaty. 

October 24, 1979

MAE cable report on Breznhev's speech in East Berlin

MAE report on the strategic value of Breznev's speech in East Berlino (6 ottobre 1979) concerning NATO nuclear forces modernization, the "negative guarantees" issue towards non nuclear countries, and unilateral withdrawal of Sovietici military personnel from the DRG.

November 23, 1965

Appunto CSMD US Nuclear Weapons Storing in Italy

Summary by CSMD Aldo Rossi on US-Italy agreements for the storage of nuclear weapons assigned to NATO italian units.

December 8, 1964

US Comments on the UK Proposal of a Project for an Atlantic Nuclear Force

General comments relating to the establishment of an Atlantic nuclear force, objectives that any new arrangement of NATO nuclear forces must meet, specific comments on the UK's proposal, characteristics of the force, components, contribution of the United States Forces, non-dissemination of
nuclear weapons, command and voting arrangements, review provisions.

January 1, 1964

Atlantic Nuclear Force Her Majesty's Government Proposal

British proposal for a reorganisation of the nuclear arrangements of the Atlantic Alliance that includes objectives, mixed-manned principle, British contribution, command question, relations with NATO.

December 11, 1963

MAE Cable Report on McNamara's Speech

Note by ambassador to Washington Fenoaltea on speech held by Secretary of Defense McNamara in New York (November 18) on US strategic doctrine, NATO's defense, and role of NATO european members. Annex with copy of the speech missing.