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July 26, 1990

National Intelligence Daily for Thursday, 26 July 1990

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 26 July 1990 describes the latest developments in Liberia, Germanys, the Soviet Union, India, the United Kingdom and Yugoslavia.

February 7, 1989

Record from Protocol No. 147 of the Meeting of the Politburo of the CC CPSU, Supplying Arms to Angola

In response to requests from the President of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos, the CC CPSU agrees to supply arms which will be sent from the Soviet Union to the Republic of Cuba, and then provided during the withdrawal of Cuban troops from the People’s Republic of Angola.

September 12, 1984

Memorandum of Conversation between Pedro Maria Tonha, Konstantin Kurochkin and Polo Cintra Frías, 'Versión de la conversación sostenida en el Ministerio de Defensa de la RPA el 12 de septiembre de 1984'

Pedro Maria Tonha "Pedalé" was the defense minister of Angola; General Konstantin Kurochkin was the head of the Soviet Military Mission in Angola; General Polo Cintra Frías was the head of the Cuban Military Mission in Angola


Vladimir Kazimirov, 'My MGIMO [Moscow State Institute of International Relations]' (excerpts)

Russian diplomat Vladimir Kazimirov recalls events surrounding and following the establishment of peace in Angola in 1988 and the lead up to establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and the Republic of South Africa.


Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Mityaev, 'The Oral History of Forgotten Wars: Memories of the War in Angola' (excerpts)

Soviet soldier describes realities of war in Angola, including the powerful South African counter-offenses that he experienced.


Igor Zhdarkin, 'We Did Not See it Even in Afghanistan: Memoirs of a Participant of the Angolan War,1986–1988,' (excerpts)

Memoirs of a Soviet soldier fighting in Angola, depicting the scenes of warfare where South African artillery and air force attacked Soviet and MPLA positions, leading many MPLA fighters to flee.

April 1984

Defense Intelligence Agency Report, 'Soviet Military and Other Activities in Sub-Saharan Africa'

An overview of Soviet political, economic and military involvement in Africa. The document asserts that although Moscow continues its policy of taking an active and aggressive role in the affairs of Sub-Saharan Africa, much of the momentum it initially possessed has been lost. Moscow now finds itself holding onto the influence it maintains most notably in Mozambique, Angola and Ethiopia.


Meeting Transcript, Kissinger and Brezhnev Discuss Angola in Moscow

Kissinger questions Brezhnev about Cuban involvement in Angola and asks if the Cubans will withdraw if the South Africans do. Brezhnev gives no definitive answers.

June 7, 1988

Cuban Nota Verbale to Alexei Zaitsev, 'Nota verbal al asesor principal del MINFAR'

General Alexei Zaitsev was the head of the Soviet Military Advisory Group in Cuba

April 23, 1988

Instructions to the Cuban Delegation for the London Meeting, 'Indicaciones concretas del Comandante en Jefe que guiarán la actuación de la delegación cubana a las conversaciones de Luanda y las negociaciones de Londres (23-4-88)'

Fidel Castro’s instructions for the Cuban delegation to the 3-4 May 1988 London meeting of the delegations of Angola, Cuba, South Africa and the United States to discuss the future of Angola and Namibia.