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March 28, 1955

Report on a Trip to Vietnam

Choi Duk Shin and Young P. Lee summarize their travels through Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Vietnam, including their discussions on politics, military situations, cultural sharing, and strategies for Free Asia to join together against Communism.

March 27, 1957

Asian Peoples' Anti-Communist League Third Annual Conference: Speeches and Reports

Remarks from delegates across Asia, including Ngo Dinh Diem, attending the Third Annual Conference of the Asian Peoples' Anti-Communist League in Saigon, Vietnam.

October 15, 1956

Speech Given by Mr. Au Young Chuen, Chief of the Hong Kong Delegation at the Opening Session of the Asian Youth and Students Anti-Communist Conference

Au Young Chuen describes Hong Kong's struggle against communism.

June 16, 1954

Asian Peoples' Anti-Communist Conference, Proposals by the Delegates from Hong Kong and Macao

Delegates from Hong Kong and Macao offer several proposals to strengthen the anti-communist movement in Asia.

June 16, 1954

Asian Peoples' Anti-Communist Conference, Address Delivered by Mr. Yap Tin Sing, Chief Delegate of Hong Kong

Yap Tin Sing describes the "open struggle and collision with the communists" in Hong Kong.

December 29, 1954

An Indictment against Soviet Russia as an Aggressor Nation on Chinese Sovereignty

Chan Tai Wai (Chen Dahui) writes to the Chairman of the United Nations General Assembly with a petition against the Soviet Union.

December 29, 1954

Letter, Chan Tai Wai, Chairman of the Chinese Democratic League, to President S.M. Rhee

Chan Tai Wai (Chen Dahui) requests President Syngman Rhee's support in "indicting Soviet Russia for its aggression on Free China."