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December 10, 1969

NSC Meeting: The Middle East. December 10, 1969

The Council re-caps the current situation in the Middle East and discusses US options to improve the American position in the Middle East and work for an Arab-Israeli settlement.

December 9, 1969

Address by The Honorable William P. Rogers, Secretary of State, Before the 1969 Galaxy Conferencce on Adult Education

Secretary Rogers speaks on the American role in peace in the Middle East, discussing previous talks with the Soviet Union and the United Nations, and outlining some of the key issues and the American position on them.

June 14, 1967

Minutes of Conversation between Nicolae Ceaușescu and Ambassador S.V.H. Sanandaji on the Six-Day War, Bucharest

Nicolae Ceaușescu received Iranian Ambassador to Romania, Soltan Hossein Vakili Sanandaji, and they discussed developments in the Near East, specifically the ongoing conflict between Israel and Arab states. Ceaușescu suggested to the Ambassador that Iran should use its influence in the area to encourage other Arab states to seek a peaceful and realistic resolution to the conflict.

December 15, 1988

Memorandum of a Conversation between Erich Honecker and Yasser Arafat in Berlin

The conversation focuses on the PLO's recent attempts to reach an agreement concerning the conflict in the Middle East. Arafat informs Honecker about his efforts to gain support for his initiative from the US and other countries.

June 15, 1979

Memorandum of the meeting between Erich Honecker and the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Israel, Meir Vilner

The conversation starts with Honecker's report on the political and economic situation in the GDR. Meir Vilner informs Honecker about current events in Israel, especially about the position the Communist Party takes toward Zionism, and about his opinion on some foreign policy issues, namely relations with China and Romania and the Middle East peace process.