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August 11, 1962

Cable from Aleksander Krajewski [on a Meeting between Naszkowski and Valente]

A summary of a meeting between Polish Minister Naszkowski and Brazilian Ambassador Valente.

August 16, 1962

Cable from Aleksander Krajewski [on the Arrest of a Brazilian Citizen]

Krajewski reports that a Brazilian citizen was arrested at the Warsaw Airport for suspected smuggling.

October 31, 1962

Coded Message No. 16065 from Rio de Janeiro

An update on the "enormous struggle" to execute a sale of Polish helicopters to Brazil.

November 7, 1962

Coded Message No. 16329 from Rio de Janeiro

A confidant of President Goulart claims that Brazil wishes to buy 100 helicopters from Poland immediately.

September 15, 1962

Coded Message No. 13680 from Rio de Janeiro

Zabłocki writes that the Brazilian military is interested in purchasing helicopters and aircraft from Poland and that it wants to send crew to Poland for training.

May 9, 1959

Code Message No. 4513 from J. Winiewicz to the Chiefs of All Diplomatic Posts

Deputy Minister Winiewicz instructs chiefs of all diplomatic posts on how to respond to questions about the Rapacki Plan. He confirms that they will uphold the Rapacki Plan, but the topics of the Geneva conference should be limited in scope and focused on a peace treaty with Germany.

March 3, 1959

Code Message No. 2598 from Ambassador Dorsz in Ankara to Rodziński

Code message from Ambassador Dorosz to Rodziński regarding the Foreign Minister of Turkey's first official statement on the Rapacki Plan. Dorosz notes Turkey's lack of interest in the Plan thus far.

January 20, 1959

Code Message No. 803 from Ambassador Milnikiel in London to Winiewicz

Milnikiel writes to Winiewicz regarding a conversation between Milnikiel and British Deputy foreign secretary O’Neill. O'Neill does not think the Rapacki Plan should currently be brought up in light of the broader proposals on Germany.

January 7, 1959

Code Message No. 234 from Ambassador Szymanowski in Stockholm to Birecki

The ambassador in Sweden recounts his conversation with Astrom, director of the political department of the Swedish MoFA. Astrom mentions his desire to prevent the Plan from becoming overwhelmed amidst the Germany debate, along with his desire that negotiations do not take place with the Soviets.

November 27, 1958

Code Message No. 15023 from Ambassador Szymanowski in Stockholm to Birecki

The ambassador in Sweden reports on a conversation with Unden, the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs. Sweden has some interest in the Plan in its new form, but not directly. Unden is worried about the FRG posing as an obstacle to the Plan.