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August 1967

General Staff of the Czechoslovak People's Army, 'Report on the Causes, the Course and the Results of the Israeli Aggression in the Near East from the Military-Political Point of View'

Detailed analysis of Western foreign policy toward the Middle East, the outcome of the Six-Day War, and Czechoslovakian military support of the United Arab Republic and the Syrian Arab Republic.

June 23, 1965

Final Report, File Number 1667

Final Report on the closing of the Czechoslovak intelligence file 1667 on British Guiana.

October 12, 1982

File Annotation: 'On the State of British Guiana'

Annotation on a Czechoslovak intelligence file on British Guiana noting it was closed in 1963.

March 28, 1963

Letter from Velebil to 2nd Department of the 1st Directorate, 'Abstract from the Telegram no. 80 from Havana from 25 March 1963'

Message regarding a Soviet telegram to the Czechoslovak intelligence service. The Soviets or "friends" want to establish a trade mission in British Guiana and ask if Czechoslovakia has any current connection, which they do not but hope to establish one in the near future.

August 17, 1962

Letter to Minister of Interior Lubomír Štrougal, Report on 'Business Trip of Jaroslav Mercl to British Guyana'

Letter from Plk. (colonel) Houska to Minister of the Interior Lubomír Štrougal giving a summary of the report submitted by Jaroslav Mercl on a business trip/confidential probe in British Guyana. The report indicates that the Prime Minister, Cheddi Jagan, and his party are trying to gain independence and are strongly interested in gaining economic aid from socialist countries, including Czechoslovakia.

June 15, 1962

Letter to Minister of Interior Lubomír Štrouga, 'Jaroslav Mercl – Proposal to Send Him to British Guiana'

A letter sent on behalf of the Head of 1st Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior regarding a proposal to send Jaroslav Mercl to British Guiana to make a confidential probe "of a political character, including the preparation for the opening of diplomatic relations between both countries after British Guiana gains independence."

March 31, 1969

Czechoslovak Interior Minister Jan Pelnář, Report on Security Situation in Czechoslovakia on Night of 28-29 March 1969

Detailed report prepared by the Czechoslovak Federal Ministry of Interior listing anti-Soviet protests that took place in the evening of March 28-29 following the defeat of the Soviets by the Czechoslovak national team at the hockey world championships in Stockholm.