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August 16, 1954

Letter, G. Zhukov to the Marshal of the Soviet Union, Comrade N.A. Bulganin

Zhukov informs Bulganin of his efforts to ensure the safety of troops and ordinary citizens during the Totskoye nuclear exercise.

November 14, 1946

Table of Data concerning Industry in North Korea

This document is a table of data concerning industry in North Korea.

November 14, 1946

Questions concerning the Pre-election Campaign in North Korea

This document discusses the Korean elections to the People's Committee, posing and answering a specific set of questions. The first questions concerns the idea that estate owners would attempt to divert peasants from participating in the elections since they were unhappy with the land reforms. Other questions talks about an Yezd, where the students and teachers printed a list of people who had expressed dissatisfaction towards the People's Committee.

May 31, 1946

General-Colonel T. Shtykov to Cde. V.M. Molotov, Report about the Work of the Joint Soviet-American Commission to Implement the Moscow Decision of the Three Ministers of Foreign Affairs concerning Korea

This document is a report on the Moscow Decision. It includes a 27 page report, a list of questions for the consultation with the parties, a section about the procedure of the consultation with the parties and social organizations, and a report on the work of factories in north Korea.


The Japanese Population in Korea and the Korean Population in Manchuria

A Soviet report on the situation of Japanese in Korea and on the status of Koreans in Manchuria, or Northeast China, after liberation.

December 22, 1946

Report for Comrade Romanenko on the Political Situation in Korea

November 22, 1946

Report for General-Major Comrade Romanenko on the Political Situation in Korea

In this telegram Shtykov reviews the activities of the Socialist-Workers' Party of South Korea, stating that it is comprised of reactionary elements and should not be allowed to join with the Workers' Party of South Korea. Lacking a broad base among the working masses, the Socialist-Workers Party would undermine the work done thus far in South Korea. Furthermore, Shtykov advises Ho Hong to be nominated leader of the Workers' Party of South Korea and and Pak Heon-yeong first chairman.

January 11, 1946

Untitled memorandum on the political and morale situation of Soviet troops in North Korea and the economic situation in Korea

A Soviet report on the first several months of the occupation of North Korea.


Soviet Report on Communists in Korea, 1945

Soviet officers provide a sketch of the existing communist movement in northern and southern Korea in 1945 and suggest that Kim Il Sung should be a leading candidate to head the Korean government.

June 17, 1953

Report from A. Grechko and Tarasov in Berlin to N.A. Bulganin, 11:00 p.m.

The demonstrations in Berlin and several other cities had been stopped. Grechko and Tarasow came to the conclusion that "the provocation was prepared in advance, organized, and directed from Western sectors of Berlin." The losses of the strikers in the whole territory of the GDR had been: 84 people killed and wounded, 700 men arrested.