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September 27, 1985

Resolution of the International Atomic Energy Agency General Conference on South Africa’s Nuclear Capabilities

Alarmed that South Africa may be capable of developing nuclear weapons, the IAEA calls upon South Africa to submit its nuclear facitilies to agency safeguards, and calls upon all IAEA member states to hault nuclear cooperation with South Africa.

May 18, 1983

Letter from South African Defence Minister Magnus Malan to Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Arens

South African Defence Minister Magnus Malan writes to Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Arens regarding the imbalance of military trade between Israel and South Africa.

April 1983

Draft letter from South African Defence Minister Magnus Malan to Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Arens

South African Defence Minister Magnus Malan writes to new Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Arens expressing the hope that relations with Israel may be strengthened and expanded under his tenure. Malan express concern about the military trade imbalance, stating that "it is of such a proportion that my government must of needs consider alternatives."

April 7, 1983

Letter from Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Arens to South African Defense Minister Magnus Malan (redacted)

In this redacted letter, Israeli Minister of Defense Moshe Arens writes to South African Minister of Defence Magnus Malan with concerns about difficulties with a project and South Africa's concerns about achieving a reciprocal balance of trade between the two countries.

March 30, 1983

CIA Report, 'New Information on South Africa’s Nuclear Program and South African-Israeli Nuclear and Military Cooperation' (redacted)

CIA report summaries new information on Israel-South African nuclear cooperation. According to the report, South Africa formerly launched its weapons program in 1973, and paused it in 1979 following the international discovery of the Kalahari nuclear test site. Military cooperation between South Africa and Israel is believed to be extensive, with continual contact between personnel and the large-scale sale of arms. Aside from the South African sale of depleted uranium to Israel in the mid-1970s, the CIA had no hard evidence of nuclear cooperation between the two.

March 13, 1979

Memorandum South African Defence Force, 'Report on Special Visit to Israel - 19 to 23 February 1979'

Report on South African Major General Gleeson's visit to Israel 'in connection with a long range surface-to-surface missile.'

November 17, 1977

Telegram from South African Ambassador to Israel, 'Israeli Reaction to the UN Arms Embargo Against South Africa'

The South African Ambassador to Israel reports on the official response in Israel to the possibility of a UN arms embargo of South afriaca.

June 4, 1975

Notes on Meeting between Israeli and South African Ministers of Defense Shimon Peres and P.W. Botha in Zurich

Summary of meeting between Israeli Minister Shimon Peres and South African Minister P. W. Botha in Zurich. They discuss stalled negotiations between South Africa and Israel for a project to produce lightweight fighters and other military equipment.

January 28, 1970

Memorandum from South African Department of Foreign Affairs Regarding Mirage Aircraft

The South African Ambassador in Cologne sends information on a meeting with a representative of the Dornier Aircraft Company regarding the possible purchase by South Africa of Mirage aircraft and their re-export to Israel.

January 26, 1978

Letter, South African Ambassador to the United States, to the Hayes Corporation

Jeremy Shearer writes to the Vice President of the Hayes Corporation in regards to a shipment of kits for C130 South African military aircraft that was withheld from the South African Government. Mr. Shearer believes this to be a breach of contract.