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May 23, 1979

Cable from the Foreign Ministry, 'On Maintaining Consistent Lines in Propaganda on the Vietnam Issue'

Propaganda guidance for Chinese officials to rely upon when discussing the Sino-Vietnamese conflict with foreign nationals.

April 16, 1979

Cable from the Foreign Ministry, 'Notice on Holding Vice Foreign Minister Level Talks Between China and Vietnam'

A report on negotiations between China and Vietnam ongoing in Hanoi. Document outlines China's positions, as well as how China interprets Vietnam's positions, in the talks.

March 1, 1979

Cable from the Foreign Ministry, 'Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping Discusses the Vietnam Issue'

A summary of a conversation where Deng Xiaoping said, "We are now teaching a lesson to the Cuba of the East -- Vietnam."

February 21, 1979

Cable from the Foreign Ministry, 'Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping Discusses the Vietnam Issue with a Foreign Guest'

Comments made by Deng Xiaoping regarding Vietnam, or the "Cuba of the East."

January 19, 1979

Cable from the Foreign Ministry and Public Security Ministry, 'Notice on the Abrogation of the PRC-Vietnam Visa Free Travel Agreement'

In light of "anti-China crazed behavior on the part of Vietnam," the Chinese Foreign Ministry and Public Security Ministry have decided to abrogate a visa agreement with Vietnam.


Draft Versions of Article 4 of Soviet-Chinese Border Security Negotiations

This working document shows four different working drafts of negotiations of Article 4, which related to reduction of armed forces at the Sino-Soviet border.

February 1990

Round Two Negotiations on Working Out an Agreement About the Guiding Principles of a Mutual Reduction of Armed Forces and a Strengthening of Confidence in the Military Field in the Soviet-Chinese Border Region

This chart graphically compares the PRC's and Soviet positions on the reduction of armed forces through the determination of specific geographical zones, as well as the reduction of the amount of military equipment and facilities in the border regions.

September 8, 1966

Cable from the Yanbian Military District Party Committee, 'Implementing the Shenyang Military District's Opinion “Guidance on the Activities of Red Guards in the Border Area”'

With Red Guards stirring up trouble on the Sino-Korean bounder, authorities in Yanbian consider how to handle the situation.

March 27, 1955

Cable from the State Council, 'On the System of Travel between Northeast China and Korea'

China and North Korea agree to stricter regulations on citizens crossing the Sino-Korean border.

July 10, 1964

Note, Embassy of the DPRK in Beijing to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China

The North Korea Embassy states that the Sino-Korean Protocol for Mutual Cooperation in Safeguarding National Security and Social Order in Border Areas has been approved by the DPRK Government.