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July 20, 1990

National Intelligence Daily for Friday, 20 July 1990

The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 20 July 1990 describes the latest developments in South Korea, China, the Soviet Union, Hungary, Haiti and Persian Gulf.

September 8, 1966

Cable from the Yanbian Military District Party Committee, 'Implementing the Shenyang Military District's Opinion “Guidance on the Activities of Red Guards in the Border Area”'

With Red Guards stirring up trouble on the Sino-Korean bounder, authorities in Yanbian consider how to handle the situation.

March 27, 1955

Cable from the State Council, 'On the System of Travel between Northeast China and Korea'

China and North Korea agree to stricter regulations on citizens crossing the Sino-Korean border.

July 10, 1964

Note, Embassy of the DPRK in Beijing to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China

The North Korea Embassy states that the Sino-Korean Protocol for Mutual Cooperation in Safeguarding National Security and Social Order in Border Areas has been approved by the DPRK Government.

April 14, 1969

Record of a Conversation with Kim Il Sung, General Secretary of the KWP CC and Chairman of the DPRK Cabinet of Ministers

Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev sought the help of Kim Il Sung in influencing China, which was in a border dispute with the Soviet Union. Requesting that they "exercise political influence on Peking."

December 9, 1969

Y.D. Fadeev, First Secretary of the Soviet Embassy in DPRK, to CC CPSU, 'Korean-Chinese relations in 1969 (Memo)'

The document indicates that there was a significant shift towards the normalization of relations between DPRK and China in 1969, particularly since June-July when the talks on the border settlement began.

March 17, 1969

Record of Conversation between N.G. Sudarikov and Kim Il Sung, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea

Kim Il Sung discusses an armed clash with Americans in the demilitarized zone and an incident in the Korean-Chinese border. He discusses Sino-Korean relations thoroughly as well.

November 22, 1979

Cable, South Korean Ambassador in the UK to South Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs

Details from a conversation between the South Korean ambassador to the United Kingdom with Julian Ridsdale, Member of Parliament, on US troops stationed in Korea, the Soviet Union and China's viewpoints on Korea's reunification, and other matters.

September 15, 1949

Telegram, Shtykov to Stalin

A description of the political and economic situation in South and North Korea, and on the presence of the struggling democratic and reactionary forces and their influence among the people. Attached are three appendices on the combat and strength of the South Korean and the People's Army of North Korea, the amount of weapons in the People's Army, and the amount of ammunition in the People's Army as of August 1, 1949.

March 16, 1973

ROK Foreign Ministry, "An Incident of Armed Agents Infiltration"

A confidential note by the Secretariat on an incident of armes agents infiltration on March 4, 1973 and a shooting incident along the Military Demarcation Line on March 7, 1973.