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April 8, 1964

From the Journal of V.I. Bazykin, 'Record of a Conversation with Carlos Olivares Sanchez, the Ambassaor of Cuba in the USSR, 4 April 1964'

Bazykin relates Soviet work to refine blueprints of sugar harvesting technology, and Sanchez informs him that Polish architects will visit Cuba.

April 3, 1963

From the Journal of A.I. Alekseyev, 'Record of a Conversation with Carlos Rafael Rodriguez, Member of the National Leadership of the ORO, 4 March 1963'

Carlos Rafael Rodriguez reflects on Cuba's international stature, an upcoming ORO National Leadership meeting, and divisive Chinese activity in Cuba.

March 23, 1963

From the Journal of A.I. Alekseyev, 'Record of a Conversation with Fidel Castro Ruz, Prime Minister of the Republic of Cuba, 20 February 1963'

Fidel Castro expresses concern over US efforts to isolate Cuba from other Latin America countries, including Brazil, and proposes an initiative to expand economic ties with Canada.

March 23, 1963

From the Journal of A.I. Alekseyev, 'Record of a Conversation with Fidel Castro, Prime Minister of the Republic of Cuba, 6 February 1963'

Fidel Castro addresses his controversial speech at the Congress of Women of America and contention over Soviet missiles and troops in Cuba.

October 28, 1963

Letter from Johann Lorenz Schmidt to Walter Ulbricht on Brazil

Johann Lorenz Schmidt reports on meetings with General Secretary of the Brazilian Communist Party, Luis Carlos Prestes, during which they discussed the strong Chinese influence in Cuba.

March 9, 1963

Letter to Walter Ulbricht on the Brazilian Communist Party

An official in the GDR Foreign Policy and International Relations department reports on a meeting with General Secretary of the Communist Party of Brazil, Comrade Luis Carlos Prestes, in Havana.

October 30, 1962

Polish Embassy, Rio de Janeiro (Chabasinski), to Polish Foreign Ministry

Telegram describing conversation between Ambassador Chabasinski and former Brazilian president Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira. They discussed their dissatisfaction with the US's "Alliance for Progress" and recent US diplomatic efforts, among other topics.

March 6, 1963

Record of Conversation from Chairman Mao's Reception of the Delegation of the Brazilian Communist Party (The New Party)

Chairman Mao addresses the communist compulsion to revolution and past cases of revolutionary activities like the Cuban experience.

January 12, 1959

Cable from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, 'Summary of Conversation between Chairman Mao and Governor Sampaio of Brazil'

President Mao Zedong exchanged views with Governor Sampaio on Chinese development, the role of Asia, Africa, and Latin America vis-a-vis the West, and Brazilian foreign policy. Mao also describes his personal studies of the English language.

December 27, 1961

Meeting of the Planning Commission on Subjects Related to the VIII Consultation Meeting

A collection of Brazilian ambassadors and ministers gather to meet and discuss the impact of Cuba-US relations on the region in preparation for a gathering of Organization of American States (OAS) foreign ministers scheduled for 22-31 January 1962. The government officials’ primary concerns are to manage the impact of the "Cuban problem" on domestic Brazilian politics and to develop an independent line of thought, without jeopardizing its relationship with the US. The officials want to craft an approach for the OAS meeting that will not cause Brazil to become a mediator between hostile parties nor incite Brazilian public opinion in favor of communism.