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November 15, 1962

Premier Chou En-Lai's [Zhou Enlai's] Letter to the Leaders of Asian and African Countries on the Sino-Indian Boundary Question (November 15, 1962)

August 2, 1956

CDS Report No. 12 from Choi Duk Shin to the President (Syngman Rhee)

Choi Duk Shin reports on the general anti-communist situation in Vietnam, his planned radio broadcast in Vietnam, and recent social activities including a meeting with the Vietnamese Red Cross to discuss flood relief for South Korea.

August 23, 1956

CDS Report No. 15 from Choi Duk Shin to the President (Syngman Rhee)

Choi Duk Shin reports on current Vietnam affairs, General John O'Daniel's visit, Vietnam's opinions toward Red China's presence in Burma, and his recent social activities.

November 29, 1956

Letter No. 30 from the President (Syngman Rhee) to Minister Duk Shin Choi

President Rhee briefly discusses U.S.-South Korean relations and mentions concern about the current crisis in Hungary.

January 4, 1959

Policy Documents for Expatriate Affairs related to the CCP Central Committee, Expatriate Committee, and District Committees (1956, 1957, 1959)

The CCP reviews its work with international Chinese in Southeast Asia as well as some of the boundary issues with Laos, Burma, and Vietnam.


Decision of the First National People’s Congress regarding Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs Zhou Enlai’s Announcement concerning the China-Burma border (Draft)

A draft decision calling for a fair and peaceful resolution to the Sino-Burmese border dispute.

March 1963

Summary of Burma’s Situation, General Outline, Basic Narrative of Issues between China and Burma, Record of Major Events in China-Burma Relations

A Chinese report on political, social, and diplomatic changes in Burma since Ne Win's coming to power.