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April 16, 1960

Record of Conversation from Premier Zhou's Calling on Chief of Staff Ne Win

Zhou and Ne Win discuss bilateral relations, politics in Burma, the presence of the Kuomintang armed forces in Burma, and relations with India and Nepal.

August 11, 1956

Letter, Young Kee Kim to Chung Whan Cho

Young Kee Kim reports Minister Cho on the Korean delegations to observe training public administrators and Fifth Assembly of the World Confederation of Organizations of Teaching Profession.

November 15, 1956

CDS Report No. 24 from Choi Duk Shin to the President (Syngman Rhee)

Choi Duk Shin offers his views on the crises in Hungary and the Middle East, urges President Rhee to organize immediate action against communist countries, and reports on Vietnamese domestic affairs including the recent typhoon and the continued Chinese minority debate.

June 29, 1954

Record of the Second Meeting between Premier Zhou and Prime Minister U Nu

Zhou Enlai and U Nu first talked about the decision made on the Geneva Conference regarding the armistice in the Korean Peninsula and the role of the US in it. Then they talked about the elements that complicated the Sino-Burmese relations and the need for building mutual trust and signing a non-political agreement. They also discussed the principles they would have in a joint statement before the signing of this potential agreement.

June 22, 1956

Minutes of Zhou Enlai’s Meeting with Burmese Ambassador U Hla Maung

Zhou Enlai and U Hla Maung discuss the overseas Chinese in Burma and Burma's ties to Taiwan.

July 15, 1954

Report, UN Department of Political and Security Council Affairs, 'The Question before the United Nations of Complaint by the Union of CF Burma regarding Aggression Against It by the Government of the Republic of China'

The Department of Political and Security Council Affairs compiles a timeline and list of documents related to the complaint by Burma against the Republic of China.

May 27, 1955

Summary of the Views of Afro-Asian Countries on the Taiwan Issue at the Afro-Asian Conference

The People's Republic of China maintains that the Taiwan issue was an internal issue of China, and it was the US who created tension by invading and occupying Taiwan.

April 28, 1955

Chinese Foreign Ministry Reference Document No.1

Chinese Reference Document No. 1 which includes the following articles:

Ike says to correspondents that the USA is willing to hold direct negotiations with New China
Britain wishes to be a loyal mediator between New China and the USA
Burmese newspapers’ comments on Taiwan issue
Nehru, Nasir and others speak to correspondents in Calcutta
Menzies’s comments on Zhou Enlai’s proposal
Kotalawela’s comment on the Asian-African Conference
USA and Red China
Bright prospect
Bright prospect
The Five States of the Colombo Conference and the USA
Comments of the prime ministers of India, Pakistan and Egypt on the Asian-African Conference
The Bandung Conference
The Five States of the Colombo Conference and the USA.
Allen’s comments on the Asian-African Conference
Pakistan and Egypt on the Asian-African Conference

December 19, 1949

Telegram, Mao Zedong to Liu Shaoqi and Zhou Enlai, 19 December 1949 (excerpt)

September 19, 1952

Minutes of Conversation between I.V. Stalin and Zhou Enlai

Conversation between Stalin and Zhou Enlai focusing on the Korean War. They discussed the exchange of POWs (and the Mexican proposal), peace negotiations, Chinese cooperation with India and Burma, and the creation of regional organizations. They also mentioned Germany (reunification), the situation/reforms in Xinjiang, Taiwan and Chiang Kai-shek (Jiang Jieshi), and military aid.