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March 15, 1971

The Minister’s Speech to the Conference Reviewing Fifteen Years of Struggle by the Public Security Service against Reactionaries Who Exploit the Catholic Religion

In 1971, North Vietnam’s Public Security Service (the North Vietnamese equivalent of the former Soviet KGB, known at the time as the Ministry of Interior) held a national conference to review the status of the Service’s efforts targeted against the Vietnamese Catholic Church over the past decade and a half and to formulate plans and policies for its future operations directed against the Church. In this speech given at the opening of the conference, Party Politburo Member and Minister of Public Security General Tran Quoc Hoan [Trần Quốc Hoàn], outlined the successes that he said had been achieved in gaining the sympathy and support of the Catholic “masses” and in combatting what he called “reactionaries exploiting the Catholic religion”.


A Few Opinions Expressed by the Minister on Several Basic Issues during the General Review of the Handling of Cases (Spoken during a Discussion with the Committee to Review the Handling of Cases in 1971) [Excerpt]

VWP Party Politburo Member and Minister of Public Security General Trần Quốc Hoàn's comments about "transforming" the Catholic Church in Vietnam.

April 30, 1968

Andrei Gromyko, Note to the CPSU CC

In his note to the CPSU CC, Gromyko writes that the Soviet MFA should reach out to Pope Paul VI about supporting the NPT. As the Pope has spoken out against the arms race before, Gromyko is optimistic that the treaty will gain support from the Vatican. This would exert influence on other Catholic countries to support the treaty as well.

April 1968

Appeal to Pope Paul VI on the Question of the Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation Treaty

This document contains instructions to the Soviet ambassador to meet with the Deputy Secretary of State of the Vatican and notify him of confidential information that needs to be brought to Pope Paul VI. In light of mutual understanding between the Vatican and the USSR on the importance of nuclear disarmament, the ambassador is requested to ask the Pope to utilize any diplomatic means at his disposal to help bring about the quickest possible conclusion to the NPT negotiations.

April 29, 1968

CPSU CC Decree, 'On Appealing to Pope Paul VI about the Issue of the NPT'

This document relates to the following appeal to Pope Paul VI on the issue of nuclear non-proliferation.

May 15, 1944

Memorandum of Conversations with the Rev. Stanislaus Orlemanski at Springfield, Massachusetts

Dewitt C. Poole summarizes the trip Father Orlemanski to the Soviet Union and his conversations with Joseph Stalin.

April 28, 1944

Statement by Rev. Stanislaw Orlemanski at a Press Conference

Rev. Stanislaw Orlemanski holds a press conference to describe his trip to the Soviet Union and discuss the Polish question with Joseph Stalin.

November 27, 1989

Western Ukraine: Drive for Independence

An analysis of independence movements in Western Ukraine and the role of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

May 18, 1989

Poland: Catholic Church Legalized

An analysis of the Catholic Church's legalization as an effort to boost the Party's popular support.

November 1, 1949

Letter of Recommendation from Bishop Mubarak

Letter of recommendation from Bishop Mubarak to Farid Chehab for a member of the Maronite community.