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October 21, 1991

The Chancellor's [Helmut Kohl's] Meeting with President Patricio Aylwin, Santiago de Chile, 21 October 1991, 09:30 – 11:00 hours

Kohl and Aylwin discuss Honecker's release from the Chilean embassy in Moscow. Kohl recollects his personal meetings with Honecker, in particular the latter's 1987 visit in Bonn. Moreover, Kohl reflects on his inner-German trade policy and its impact for the GDR's demise, especially the billion DM loan for the GDR in 1983.

January 27, 1962

From the Journal of S.M. Kudryavtsev, 'Record of Conversation with Fidel Castro Ruz, Prime Minister of the Republic of Cuba, 3 January 1962'

Fidel Castro expresses concern regarding US pressure on Latin American countries to isolate Cuba at an upcoming OAS conference.


Soviet Report, 'Economic Cooperation between Latin America and the Countries of the Socialist Camp'

In this draft report circa 1960, the Socialist economic position in Latin America is analyzed.

November 1, 1962

Telegram from Chilean Embassy in Rio de Janeiro (Ruiz Solar)

A telegram from Ruiz Solar (diplomat) describing Brazil and Chile's foreign relations with Cuba in regards to U.S.-Cuban tensions. It covers discussions in the United Nations on the subject and also the "Brazilian mediation" attempt to demilitarize Cuba.

October 28, 1962

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Cuba, 'The Chilean Economic Advisor Jaime Barrios Discussed the Cuban Situation'

A conversation with the Chilean economic advisor. They discuss: American plane shot down over Cuba, possible invasion of Cuba and the mass mobilization needed to support Cuba.