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April 25, 1960

Transcript of Conversation between Zhou Enlai and Reporters in New Delhi

Premier Zhou visits New Delhi. Reporters ask Premier Zhou about the possibility of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru visiting China, the India-China border conflict, and China's relations with other countries. On the topic of territorial disputes, Zhou says that China has never invaded other countries territories, instead China has been the one historically invaded. Zhou ends with remarks emphasizing his hope for maintaining friendly relations between China and India.

December 3, 1949

Zhou Enlai's Approval of the Northeast Ministry of Public Security's Travel Documents

June 10, 1977

Information on the Chinese Question for the Leaderships of the Fraternal Parties of the Socialist Countries

A report on China's growing anti-Soviet policies since the death of Mao Zedong, the potential for a Sino-Soviet war, border disputes with the Soviet Union, and Chinese relations with the United States, Western Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the "Third World." They also discuss the Soviet strategy in response to these events.

September 10, 1975

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the GDR, Far East Department, 'Information about Current Problems of the Domestic and Foreign Policy of the PR China'

A report by the East German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, discussing the shifting anti-Socialist and anti-Soviet attitudes amongst Chinese leadership. The majority of focus is given to China's military and foreign policy, specifically their efforts to strengthen military capabilities and their claims to territories held by neighboring states.

September 16, 1971

German translation of a Russian-language information from the CPSU Central Committee sent to GDR leader Erich Honecker

A report on Sino-Soviet and Sino-American relations with a discussion of Maoist policy. Specific attention is called to Sino-Soviet border disputes.

December 31, 1969

Letter, A. Grechko to the CPSU CC

A. Grechko conveys the Ministry of Defense's views on negotiations between the Soviet Union and China.

December 16, 1969

Letter, Y. Andropov to the CPSU CC

Andropov reports that Chinese diplomats stationed in the USSR are actively trying to discredit the Soviet Union, particularly in regard to the border dispute.

April 21, 1969

From the Journal of I.S. Shcherbakov, 'Record of Conversation with with Hoang Van Tien, Deputy DRV Minister of Foreign Affairs, 2 April 1969'

Soviet ambassador’s notes from conversations on Chinese border provocations.

January 4, 1972

Information # 2 / 72 for the Members and Candidates of the Politburo of the Central Committee, 'Information about the So-Called Disputed Territories at the Soviet-Chinese Border'

A report, produced by the CPSU and shared with the East German SED, on the Sino-Soviet border conflict. The CPSU analyzes China's position on the disputed territories in their shared border, and how the Soviet Union ought to respond.

April 8, 1991

Third Round of Soviet-Chinese Negotiations: A Mutual Reduction of Armed Forces and a Strengthening of Confidence in the Military Field in the Border Region

This document discusses lessons learned from dealing with the Chinese in the previous two rounds of negotiations regarding the reduction of military presence at the Sino-Soviet border and the plan to jointly produce a draft general agreement on the issue.