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June 20, 1989

China Division, Asian Affairs Bureau [Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan], 'The Chinese Student Movement (After Armed Suppression by the Military)'

Report from the China Division, Asian Affairs Bureau of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the subsequent actions of the United States, Britain, France, West Germany, and Canada.

March 11, 1964

National Intelligence Estimate Number 43-64, 'Prospects for the Government of the Republic of China'

The CIA assesses Taiwan's future in the wake of France's normalization of diplomatic relations with the PRC. The report covers US-Republic of China relations and likely developments in Taiwan's internal security, politics, and international recognition.

November 30, 1965

Transcript of Conversation between Zhou Enlai and Jean Chauvel

Premier Zhou and a representative from the French foreign ministry, Jean Chauvel, talk about the Vietnam War. Zhou voices China's support for Vietnamese people's requests for U.S. troops to withdraw from Vietnam and not interfere in Vietnamese internal issues. Zhou says that the U.S. has not comply to Vietnam's request and has on the contrary expanded the war. Chauvel agrees with Zhou that the final decision about the Vietnamese War should be made by Vietnamese people. Chauvel says that the priority should be to stop the current war and calls for a ceasefire to solve the issue. Zhou cites the U.S. expansion of troops and continued involvement in Vietnam as the cause of heightened tension in Vietnam War.

October 23, 1963

Transcript of Conversation between Zhou Enlai and Edgar Faure

Premier Zhou speaks with French prime minister Edgar Faure about more contacts between China and France. Zhou says that as long as the two states respect each others sovereignty, even if they have different political systems, can still peacefully coexist. They discussed topics relating to Algeria, Soviet Union, and Taiwan.

May 23, 1955

Transcript of Conversation between Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao and Eugenie Cotton

Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao converse with Eugenie Cotton, chairwoman of the International Democratic Federation of Women, about her visit to China. Cotton was overall pleased with her visit to China and says she would be happy to visit China again in the future. They also discuss both countries development. Zhou comments on how France's industries, culture, and economy are more developed compared to China. Cotton emphasizes uniting women's federations all over the world to promote world peace. Zhou refers to Sino-Japan relations to give advice to the French delegation on improving relations between France and Germany.

August 3, 1965

Conversation from [Mao Zedong's] Audience with the French Minister of [Cultural] Affairs, [Georges André] Malraux

Mao and Malraux discuss a variety of topics, ranging from the Chinese revolution to American aggression in Vietnam and Soviet revisionism.

September 10, 1964

Conversation from [Mao Zedong's] Audience with the Supervisor of an Exhibition on French Technology and the French Ambassador to China (Excerpt)

Lucien Paye and the supervisor of an exhibit on French technology praise Chinese university students for their enthusiasm and socialized thinking. Mao reacts with skepticism.

January 17, 1990

National Intelligence Daily for Wednesday, 17 January 1990

The National Intelligence Daily for January 17, 1990, discusses the latest developments in the Soviet Union, East Germany, and Iraq. One withheld section of this NID, "Special Analysis: Albania: Intimations of Another Romania," was released in 2019.

April 22, 1980

Annex 4/C: Last of Meeting of 22 April at 4:30pm: Hu Yaobang's Questions and Berlinguer's Answers

Hu Yaobang asks about PCI relations with USA; PCI relations with French Socialists; and Hu's proposal to use the PCI to send Mitterrand a message and an invitation to China.

June 23, 1965

Record of Conversation between Premier Zhou Enlai and the Foreign Minister of Algeria Abdelaziz Bouteflika

The conversation was about the domestic incidents within Algeria. Zhou expressed China's standpoints on these incidents. Zhou and Bouteflika also discuss the fate of the Second Asian-African Conference.