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June 20, 1989

China Division, Asian Affairs Bureau [Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan], 'The Chinese Student Movement (After Armed Suppression by the Military)'

Report from the China Division, Asian Affairs Bureau of Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the subsequent actions of the United States, Britain, France, West Germany, and Canada.

February 7, 1955

Memorandum for Mr. Allen Dulles, Director, Central Intelligence Agency

The Department of State shares with the CIA several documents, including a record of conversation between Anthony Eden and a Soviet diplomat in London on February 2, 1955; a record of conversation between Ambassador Hayter and Molotov on February 4; a translation of Molotov's statement made to Hayter; and comments made by Humphrey Trevelyan. 

June 28, 1974

Chinese Communist Party Central Committee Notice [Zhongfa] (1979) No. 19: Notice on the Talks between Chairman Mao and Edward Heath

A summary of a conversation between Mao Zedong and Edward Heath. Topics covered include the Watergate scandal, European security, bilateral relations between the PRC and the UK, and the foreign policy of the Soviet Union.

January 5, 1955

Transcript of Conversation between Zhou Enlai and Humphrey Trevelyan

Zhou Enlai discusses with Trevelyan Humphrey China's concerns with Britain's attitude regarding Sino-British relations. Zhou says that the Chinese side is willing to improve Sino-British relations, improve the situation in East Asia, and ease international tensions. Zhou also discusses with Humphrey the Taiwan issue. He criticizes the U.S. for infringing upon Chinese sovereignty over Taiwan and Britain for its double standards on the Taiwan issue.

March 31, 1956

Gazette of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 1956, No. 12 (Overall Issue No. 38)

This issue features multiple sections about agricultural production cooperatives. It also includes a request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Hong Kong and British authorities to detain supporters of Chiang Kai-shek who fled to Hong Kong after they caused a commotion on the mainland. Other sections discuss plans for young children to have a day off on Children's Day and various administrative concerns, such as the transfer of villages from Huolu County in Hubei to the provincial capital, Shijiazhuang.

May 27, 1960

[Mao Zedong's] Conversation with [Bernard] Montgomery, [British Viscount of Alamein]

Montgomery offers praise for what he sees during his visit to China. He and Mao discuss a variety of both then current and historical topics, mostly concerning American opposition to China and the possibility of peaceful coexistence with European countries.

April 27, 1970

Embassy of the GDR in the PR China, 'Note about the Club Meeting of the Ambassadors and Acting Ambassadors of Hungary, Czechoslovakia, the GDR, the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Poland, and Mongolia on 17 April 1970 in the Embassy of Poland'

A report on the current domestic situation of China and their foreign policy.

December 7, 1949

Cable, Zhou Enlai to Wang Zhen

Zhou Enlai responds to two cables about the activities and whereabouts of George Fox-Holmes, Douglas Mackiernan, and John Hall Paxton.

May 31, 1944

Letter No. 180 from L.D. Wilgress, Canadian Embassy, Moscow, to the Secretary of State for External Affairs, W.L. Mackenzie King

Fu Bingchang (Foo Ping-sheung) relays his views on relations among the Great Powers, Soviet involvement in Xinjiang, and the rifts between the Nationalists and Communists within China.

June 18, 1954

Record of Conversation between R.G. Casey and Chou En-lai [Zhou Enlai], Geneva, 18th June 1954

Record of conversation in first person by Australian official R.G. Casey during the Geneva Conference 1954. Casey discusses his first meeting with Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and describes Zhou's attitude toward the situation in Korea and Indochina.