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July 5, 1961

Record of a Conversation between N. S. Khrushchev and Chen Yi, Deputy Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China

Chen asks Khrushchev to go over the pressing international issues and he presents the USSR's stances on the situation in Laos, South Korea, and Cuba. Khrushchev also raises problems in GDR and difficulties in negotiations with Western powers with regards to the German question. Khrushchev also mentions Soviet plans to launch a spaceship and resume nuclear testing. The two leaders also discuss the challenges of agricultural development.

August 31, 1956

Gazette of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 1956, No. 32 (Overall Issue No. 58)

This issue begins with a joint statement from Premier Zhou Enlai and Lao Prime Minister Prince Souvanna Phouma. It also includes a notice about Chinese aid to Mongolia and a letter that Zhou Enlai sent to the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Yemen, Saif al-Islam Muhammad al-Badr, after the kingdom decided to recognize China. Other sections discuss industrial concerns, handling damaged commercial goods, staff recruitment for different bureaus, and wages for university graduates.

August 22, 1956

Gazette of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 1956, No. 31 (Overall Issue No. 57)

This issue begins with a joint Sino-Syrian statement about the decision to exchange ambassadors and establish embassies in their respective countries. It also outlines plans for Nepali Prime Minister Tanka Prasad Acharya and Lao Prime Minister Prince Souvanna Phouma to visit China. Other sections address industrial and agricultural matters, newspaper subscriptions for different organizations, and provincial administrative concerns.

September 4, 1964

Conversation from [Mao Zedong's] Reception of the Head, Deputy Head, and Key Members of the Cultural Group of the Laotian Patriotic Front

Mao urges members of the Laotian Patriotic Front art troupe to unite with ordinary Laotians and learn from China's mistakes so that they can guard themselves against Soviet revisionism.

August 28, 1962

Record of Premier Zhou’s Talk with Prime Minister Pham Van Dong

Zhou Enlai and Pham Van Dong discuss North Vietnam's support for revolutions in South Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos.

February 6, 1965

Record of the First Contact between Premier Zhou and Vice Premier Chen Yi and Kosygin

Premier Zhou and others meet to discuss the current situations in South Vietnam and Laos, U.S. and Soviet strategy, and Chinese-Soviet competition over civil aviation, among other pressing issues.

June 15, 1965

Record of Conversation between Premier Zhou Enlai and Chairman Ho Chi Minh

Zhou Enlai and Ho Chi Minh discuss preparations for the second Asian-African Conference and the potential participation of countries such as the Soviet Union, Malaysia, and India.

May 29, 1965

Cable from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, 'Reactions to China's Second Nuclear Test'

Cable from the Chinese Foreign Ministry to Chinese Embassies noting foreign countries' responses to China's second nuclear test.

May 10, 1952

Telegram, Ambassador Wellington Koo to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Koo reports on the opinion of Robert A. Taft's presidential election campaign members on dispatching the Kuomindang's army to the Korean War.

October 12, 1973

Verbatim Transcript of the Third Meeting between Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Zhou Enlai

Zhou Enlai and Trudeau have a wideranging conversation on international politics, covering the Vietnam War, Sino-Japanese relations, Nixon's visit to China, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Arctic circle, and nuclear energy safeguards, among other topics.