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October 24, 1964

Transcript of Conversation between Zhou Enlai and Philippine's Journalists' Delegation

Premier Zhou and Philippine journalists' discuss obstacles to establishing friendly Sino-Philippine relations. One obstacle is that Philippines is part of the U.S. led alliance camp in Asia. Zhou believes that despite China and Philippine being part of two different camps, this should not prevent China and the Philippines from establishing bilateral relations. The second obstacle is that thee Philippines still maintains diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Zhou also says that Philippines-Taiwan relations should not prevent the Philippines from establishing relations with the mainland. Reporters ask for Zhou's perspective on U.S. military deployment in Philippines and Filipino people's fear that China might use friendly Sino-Philippines relations to incite communist revolution in their country.

November 15, 1955

Gazette of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 1955, No. 19 (Overall Issue No. 22)

This issue begins with Zhou Enlai responding to questions from Filipino journalists. It also includes a report from the Xinhua News Agency, which denies American rumors that Egypt is importing military equipment from China. Other sections address education, provincial administrative bureaus, and the demobilization of soldiers in Shanxi.

November 10, 1986

Cable No. 3027, Foreign Minister to Ambassador Nakae, 'The Prime Minister’s Visit to China (The Meeting with Chairman Deng - on the Philippines Situation)'

Chairman Deng explains China's relations with the Philippines.

November 9, 1986

Cable No. 3776, Ambassador Nakae to the Foreign Minister, 'The Prime Minister’s Visit to China (Relations between China and Philippines)'

Ambassador Nakae relays Hu Yaobang's remarks on China's relations with the Philippines.

April 2, 1965

Record of Conversation between Premier Zhou Enlai and Pakistan's Foreign Minister Bhutto

Zhou and Bhutto discuss the Second Asian-African Conference, as well as the potential for a rapprochement between China and the Philippines.

October 3, 1946

Manuel A. Roxas, 'Remarks on the Occasion of the Presentation by the Chinese Minister to the Philippines, Chen Chih-ping, on His Letter of Credence'

Manuel Roxas welcomes the ambassador of the Republic of China to the Phillipines.

April 18, 1947

Manuel A. Roxas, 'Remarks on the Signing of the Treaty of Amity between China and the Philippines'

Manuel Roxas celebrates the conclusion of a treaty of amity with the Republic of China.

October 10, 1946

Statement of President Manuel Roxas on the Occasion of the 35th Anniversary of the Republic of China

Manuel Roxas describes the Republic of China as "one of the five Great Powers of the postwar world."

July 20, 1949

Memorandum from Philip C. Jessup, 'Chiang-Quirino Proposal for a Pacific Union'

Philip Jessup writes to Walton Butterworth regarding the meeting between Chiang Kai-shek and Elpidio Quirino, as well as an idea by George Kennan to establish a regional university in Asia.

August 17, 1949

Information Report, 'Opinions in Manila regarding the Visit of CHIANG Kai-shek'

A CIA summary of views in the Philippines regarding the meeting between Chiang Kai-shek and Elpidio Quirino.