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January 1972

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the GDR, Far East Department, 'The International Activities of the Chinese Leadership and Conclusions for the Structuring of Relations between the GDR and the PR China'

A discussion of Chinese foreign policy towards the Soviet Union, countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, the United States, Japan, and Western Europe.

June 18, 1954

Record of Interview between the Right Hon. R.G. Casey and Mr. Chou En Lai [Zhou Enlai]

Record of conversation in the third person between Australian official R.G. Casey and Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai during the Geneva Conference. The report describes their discussion of the situations in Korea and Indochina and China's foreign relations.

June 18, 1954

Record of Conversation between R.G. Casey and Chou En-lai [Zhou Enlai], Geneva, 18th June 1954

Record of conversation in first person by Australian official R.G. Casey during the Geneva Conference 1954. Casey discusses his first meeting with Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and describes Zhou's attitude toward the situation in Korea and Indochina.

January 16, 1974

Digest of Despatches: PEKING, The Prime Minister's Visit to China

Summary of Australian Prime Minister's visit to China that assesses Australia's relations with China and relations with other nations in the Pacific.

April 19, 1948

Extract from Shortwave Listening Post, 19th April, 1948

Singapore Radio reports that the Chinese National Assembly has proposed the formation of a "pact against communism" among Southeast Asian countries.

March 21, 1955

Letter from Humphrey Trevelyan to Zhou Enlai

November 8, 1956

CDS Report No. 23 from Choi Duk Shin to the President (Syngman Rhee)

Choi Duk Shin reports on the delivery of President Rhee's letter to President Diem, Vietnam-Taiwan relations on the topic of Chinese minorities living in Vietnam, and recent South Vietnam affairs including an exhibit displaying proofs of Communist Viet Minh activities.

October 23, 1954

Minutes of Chairman Mao Zedong’s Second Meeting with Nehru

Mao and Nehru have an extensive discussion about global affairs, the legacy of World War II, and the likelihood of another world war.

October 2, 1980

CPSU CC Politburo Directive to Soviet Ambassadors and Representatives, 'Carrying Out Additional Measures to Counter American-Chinese Military Cooperation'

Instructions to Soviet ambassadors discussing the growing military cooperation between China and the United States.

June 15, 1964

Telegram number 306/10 from Lucien Paye

Lucien Paye summarizes the views of the Yugoslavian chargé d’affaires in Beijing on China's policies toward Laos and other countries in Southeast Asia and Africa.