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August 22, 1956

Gazette of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 1956, No. 31 (Overall Issue No. 57)

This issue begins with a joint Sino-Syrian statement about the decision to exchange ambassadors and establish embassies in their respective countries. It also outlines plans for Nepali Prime Minister Tanka Prasad Acharya and Lao Prime Minister Prince Souvanna Phouma to visit China. Other sections address industrial and agricultural matters, newspaper subscriptions for different organizations, and provincial administrative concerns.

July 20, 1956

Gazette of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 1956, No. 27 (Overall Issue No. 53)

This issue includes messages that Zhou Enlai exchanged with Syrian Foreign Minister Salah al-Din Bitar after Syria officially recognized China. It also features a statement about an invitation from Zhou Enlai for Afghan Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud Khan to visit China and his acceptance. Other sections discuss regulations for the organization of various local People's Congresses and People's Committees and wage reform.

December 21, 1955

Gazette of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, 1955, No. 22 (Overall Issue No. 25)

This issue includes a report about trade between China and Syria as well as an announcement from the Sino-Czechoslovakian Cooperative Science and Technology Committee. Other sections discuss the management of religious work, industry, and the organization of different bureaus, including the Central Archives, within the State Council.

August 12, 1965

Record of Conversation between Premier Zhou and Trần Văn Thanh, Chief, Delegation in China of National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam

Zhou Enlai and Trần Văn Thanh discuss the war in South Vietnam, Singapore's departure from the Federation of Malaya, and prospects for the Second Asian-African Conference.

December 20, 1963

Record of Premier Zhou Enlai's Calling on President Nasser

Zhou and Nasser discuss domestic conditions inside of Egypt, the Sino-Indian border war, and the possibilities for a nuclear weapons free zone in Africa and the Middle East.

April 3, 1964

Cable from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, 'Reporting the Contents of Premier Zhou's Talks with the Ambassadors of Arab Countries in China'

Zhou discusses China's relationships across the Middle East, including PRC policy toward Israel. He also reviews the proposed nuclear-weapons-free-zones in Africa and Latin America, as well as developments concerning the Non-Aligned Movement and the Second Asian-African Conference.

June 28, 1965

Minutes of Conversation between Zhou Enlai and Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization Ahmad Shukeiri

Zhou and Shukeiri discuss Chinese aid to the PLO and the situation of Palestinian refugees.

October 19, 1964

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Algeria, 'Reactions to China's Testing of a Nuclear Bomb'

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Algeria describes positive responses of foreign government officials stationed in Algeria on China's first nuclear weapons test.

March 16, 1965

Vice Premier Lu Dingyi Receives Five Members of a Friendship Delegation from the Syrian Arab Republic including Culture and National Guidance Minister Sulaiman al-Keiche

December 29, 1961

Cable from the Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee, 'Request to Send Culture and Friendship Delegation to Visit Africa'

The PRC Foreign Cultural Liaison Committee proposes to send a propaganda team to Guinea, Mali, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, Tunisia, Syria, and Iraq.