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February 1, 1968

Lt. Col. J. Załuska, 'Record of a Conversation with SRR Military Attaché Lt. Cmdr Voicu during a Reception with the USSR Military Attaché and Subsequent Ones'

According to Romanian sources, China is still supplying the DPRK with weapons and artillery pieces. China also promised they will offer the DPRK all kinds of help in the event of a conflict on the peninsula.

September 2, 1952

Report, Zhou Enlai to the Chairman [Mao Zedong] and the Central Committee

Zhou Enlai and Peng Dehuai try to persuade Kim Il Sung to fight until the United States proposes negotiations.

October 12, 1950

Ciphered Telegram No. 25553, Roshchin to Filippov [Stalin]

Mao Zedong has already given orders to halt Chinese troops preparing to cross the Korean border.

October 11, 1950

Cable No. 4785, Filippov [Stalin] and Zhou Enlai to the Soviet Ambassador in Peking

Instructions for the Chinese army in light of the fact that the Chinese forces designated to assist Korea are not ready.

January 7, 1969

Y.D. Fadeev, First Secretary of the Soviet Embassy in North Korea, 'Korean-Chinese Relations in the Second Half of 1968 (Memo)'

The document examines Sino-Korean relations by analyzing international relations with US and Japan, describing how the ideology of Mao affects the relationship, and discussing trade relations and military relations.

May 30, 1965

Hungarian Embassy in the DPRK, Report, 30 May 1965. Subject: On China’s war plans.

The Hungarian Ambassador to Pyongyang speculates that China's recent talk of war planning with North Korea may be for the purposes of "disinformation."

May 22, 1980

The Issue of the North Korean Invasion of the South

Japan and China discuss the possibility of a North Korean invasion of South Korea.

May 22, 1980

Ministry of National Defense Report for the President, 'Intelligence on Activities of the North Korean Puppet Regime'

The South Korean Ministry of National Defense analyzes Chinese evidence on an alleged North Korean invasion of South Korea.

January 27, 1956

Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK V. I. Ivanov for 27-29 January 1956

Ivanov visits the DPRK headquarters of the People’s Volunteer Army of China. Commanding General Yang Yong gives him and his entourage a tour of the facilities and points out the DPRK's shortage of aircraft equipment.

February 17, 1951

Ciphered Telegram from Zakharov to Filippov [Stalin]

Response to Filippov's [Stalin's] telegram from the 16th of January passing on Zhou Enlai's response. Zhou Enlai stated that the air force will be at the joint command of the Chinese and Korean airforce.