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March 3, 1993

The Chancellor's [Helmut Kohl's] Telephone Conversation with Indonesian President Suharto on Wednesday, 24 February 1993

Kohl and Suharto discuss questions of Indonesia's internatioal role, the situation in South East Asia and trade with Germany. Suharto underlines his efforts to work for Indonesia’s movement toward the position of the G-7. Moreover, Kohl and Suharto discuss the sale of former East German navy ships for Indonesia.

October 29, 2020

Interview with David Griffiths

David Griffiths is a former Canadian naval official. He served as a member of the Canadian delegation to ACRS. 

September 23, 1944

Harriman's Telegram to the President

Harriman updates Roosevelt on Stalin's recent illness and a possible future meeting in the Mediterranean in November.

June 11, 1944

Harriman and Stalin discuss Chinese Relations

Harriman relays Stalin's concerns about the Chinese and Sino-Soviet relations in Outer Mongolia.

June 10, 1944

Paraphrase of Telegram From Harriman to the President

Harriman relays Stalin's thoughts on the Chinese government and military to the President.

February 18, 1953

Indian Ambassador to the Soviet Union K. P. S. Menon Interview with Stalin

Menon and Stalin meet in Moscow to discuss Indo-Soviet relations. The two speak on issues including India's ethnic makeup and prospects for Indian military and economic development.

August 8, 1945

Memorandum of Conversation between W. A. Harriman and Stalin

American ambassador W.A. Harriman and Joseph Stalin discuss the right of use for Russian built railroads in Chinese Manchuria, as well as the status of the ports of Darien and Port Arthur.

December 22, 1976

Policy Planning Division, Ministry of External Affairs, 'Notes on a Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone in South Asia'

Analysis of and proposed response to Pakistan's nuclear-weapon-free zone proposal.

May 5, 1975

Political Report for the Month of April 1975, L. N. Ray, High Commissioner, 'ANZUS Meeting in 1975 after the victory by the Communist forces in Indo-China'

Australia and New Zealand stress the importance of closer consultation with them on matters concerning their security and the US strategy in the entire region.

July 11, 1945

Cable, Summary of Averell Harriman Meeting with T. V. Soong

Harriman summarizes the July 11 meeting of Dr. Soong and Stalin, reporting that Stalin has ceded the right of Soviet troops to operate in Manchuria and that China has agreed to acknowledge Outer Mongolia's sovereignty. Dairen and Port Arthur will remain under SOviet military control; there remains dispute over the administration of the Chinese-Soviet railway.