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June 29, 2020

Interview and Discussion with Sir Malcolm Rifkind

Discussion with Sir Malcolm Rifkind, former Defense Secretary and Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, about the 1990s and the new relationship that formed after the Cold War.


Visit to the United Kingdom of Bulganin and Khrushchev, 19-27 April 1956

UK record of discussions with a Soviet delegation including Bulganin and Khrushchev.

March 14, 1977

Hua Guofeng's Speech at the Central Work Conference

Hua Guofeng criticizes the Gang of Four, evaluates Deng Xiaoping, comments on demonstrations in Tiananmen Square, and calls for the CCP to "implement Chairman Mao's proletarian revolutionary line."

August 6, 1977

Notes on a Meeting held in the Great Hall of the People in Peking on Saturday 6 August 1977

Hua Guofeng and Kurt Waldheim discuss China's domestic policies and foreign policies.

July 18, 1969

Telegram from Ion Dorobantu, Romanian Charge d’Affaires in Beijing to Corneliu Manescu Regarding the Reply of the Chinese Communist Party to the Invitation to Send a Delegation to the 10th Congress of the Romanian Communist Party

Telegram from Ion Dorobantu to Corneliu Manescu transmitting the contents of the Chinese reply to the Romanian invitation to send a delegation to the 10th Congress of the RCP. The Chinese refuse, politely, on the grounds that there will be a Soviet delegation present as well.

June 3, 1969

Telegram from Aurel Duma to Corneliu Manescu Concerning the Information Passed to Chinese Foreign Ministry Regarding the Organization of the 10th Romanian Communist Party Congress and the Intention of Certain American Senators to Visit China

Telegram from Aurel Duma to Corneliu Manescu regarding the former's meeting with Qiao Guanhua. He presented Guanhua with the decisions of the 10th RCP Congress and later they discuss Taiwan, specifically the United State's military presence in the Taiwan Straits. Additionally, Guanhua notes that, like the United States, the USSR seems to support the Two Chinas idea.

September 13, 1973

Information About the Appraisal of the 10th CCP Party Congress in the DPRK

About North Korea's attempt to develop relations with China, but still within the range of polity of balance.

June 1975

China after the 10th Party Congress and the Adoption of the Maoist Constitution

This study analyzes China's domestic and foreign policies after the 10th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party. It addresses the propaganda measures of the Maoist regime and the socio-economic development in China. The report also discusses the undemocratic character of the Chinese Constitution of 1975. Regarding its foreign relations, China is said to be extending its area of influence in developing countries and developing closer relations with Western countries. Chinese-US relations are criticized, as well as China's permissiveness in allowing more Western influences to affect its domestic policies and economic strategies.

February 3, 1975

Information about the Meeting with Comrade O. B. Rakhmanin and First Deputy Head of International Department of CC

Contributor Rakhmanin discusses the domestic situation in China, current issues between China and the Soviet Union, and Franz-Josef Strauss' visit to China.

July 6, 1976

Current Situation of Chinese Party Leadership

Discusses at length the issues and struggles in China resulting after the death of several leaders such as Zhou Enlai, and now with Mao Zedong in power.