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April 1960

First Asia Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Negotiations and Talks between the Chinese and Burmese Governments on the Issue of Dual Citizenship of Overseas Chinese over the Past Year'

The document covers series conversation transcripts between Chinese and Myanmar officials in the negotiation of the dual nationalities issues of Overseas Chinese, for example the transcript of conversation between Chairman Mao and Premier U Nu, the main points of first meeting between Premier Zhou and Premier U Nu, the transcript of conversation between Ambassador Li Yimang and Myanmar Foreign Minister.

January 4, 1959

Policy Documents for Expatriate Affairs related to the CCP Central Committee, Expatriate Committee, and District Committees (1956, 1957, 1959)

The CCP reviews its work with international Chinese in Southeast Asia as well as some of the boundary issues with Laos, Burma, and Vietnam.


Recommendations for the China Expatriate Committee’s Expatriate Affairs

Recommendations to increase the patriotism of Chinese living overseas and advance Chinese foreign policy goals.

September 25, 1954

Chinese Communist Party, Plan of Action for Welcoming Home the Chinese Internationals

A work plan on Chinese Communist Party strategies for engaging the Overseas Chinese in Burma, Indonesia, India, and South Africa, among other regions.

September 25, 1958

On the Issues of Market Conditions in Burma and Burmese Businessmen Participating in the Autumn Trade Fair

The Chinese government analyzes the intentions and likely benefits of having Burmese business people come to trade fairs in China.

March 1963

Summary of Burma’s Situation, General Outline, Basic Narrative of Issues between China and Burma, Record of Major Events in China-Burma Relations

A Chinese report on political, social, and diplomatic changes in Burma since Ne Win's coming to power.

June 22, 1956

Minutes of Zhou Enlai’s Meeting with Burmese Ambassador U Hla Maung

Zhou Enlai and U Hla Maung discuss the overseas Chinese in Burma and Burma's ties to Taiwan.

October 11, 1950

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Burma, 'National Day Celebration Task Summary'

The Chinese Embassy in Report reports on its efforts to commemorate the one year anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

June 28, 1954

Record of the First Meeting between Premier Zhou and Prime Minister U Nu

Zhou Enlai and U Nu first talked about the decision made on the Geneva Conference regarding the armistice in the Korean Peninsula and the role of the US in it. Then they talked about the elements that complicated the Sino-Burmese relations and the need for building mutual trust and signing a non-political agreement. They also discussed the principles they would have in a joint statement before the signing of this potential agreement.