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July 12, 1981

Annex D: Delegation of the Chinese Communist Party, 3-12 July 1981: Meeting with the Corticella Service and Transformation Cooperative, Thursday 9 July at 17.00

Peng Chong asks questions about the workers conditions in the cooperative.

May 5, 1980

Annex 5: Proposals for the Development of Relations between the Two Parties

The PCI proposes a set of option for future cooperation and Hu Yaobang accepts them all: a CCP delegation to Italy; continuous dialogue between PCI and CCP via the correspondent of Unita in Beijing and Chinese Ambassador in Rome; etc.

March 21, 1980

Developments in the Situation in Italy and the PCI's Policy

Bullet points of the Italian Communists presentation to the Chinese given on March 11, 1980, on the internal and international situation.

March 21, 1980

Antonio Rubbi, 'Note for Comrade Berlinguer'

A cover letter dated March 21, 1980, from Antonio Rubbi relaying the notes of a PCI delegation to Beijing from March 11 to 13, 1980

May 19, 1980

Letter, Enrico Berlinguer to Hu Yaobang

This document dated May 19, 1980, is the final version of a letter to Hu Yaobang in which Enrico Berlinguer thanks the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the CCP for the hospitality received during his visit to China.

September 26, 1979

Antonio Rubbi, 'Note Reserved for Comrade Berlinguer'

In this note to Enrico Berlinguer dated September 26, 1979, Antonio Rubbi delivers a report on his meeting on September 25, 1979, with the Chinese chargé d’affaires and cultural attaché. The topics discussed included the visit of two Italian journalists to China, the invitation to the FGCI to visit China and the upcoming 30th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.

August 5, 1979

Annex B/4: List of Participants in the Meetings in Peking, Nanjing, and Shanghai

A list of the CCP leaders that the Italian Communist Party delegation met with.

August 5, 1979

Annex B/3: On Relations between the CCP and the PCI (Notes from Several Meetings with Feng Xuan, Ji Pengfei, and Li Yimang)

It contains the notes of the July 1979 meetings with Feng Xuan. Feng advocates for good relationship between the two sides based on mutual respect and equality and independence. He talks about the Soviet military threat on China. He stressed that the PCI position that advocates for criticism to other parties on 'important issues' is considered hostile to the CCP if that touches on Sino-Soviet relations. Feng expresses his wish to host in 1980 an official delegation of the CC of the PCI.

August 5, 1979

Annex B/1: On the Domestic Situation (Information Note by Wu Xueqian, Deputy Minister of the International Liaison Department)

The Chinese delegation introduces the internal situation in China and emphasizes the effort of the CCP for unity and stability after the arrest of the Gang of Four. The main contradiction, as Mao said, is no more the class struggle but the eradication of the obstacles that impede the implementation of the Four Modernizations.

August 5, 1979

Annex A/4: Relations between the PCI and the CCP

An invite to the Chinese to continue the development of bilateral relations on the basis of a spirit of mutual respect but with a stronger frequency of meetings and exchanges. It also contains a note of July 30, 1979 and July 31, 1979, where the representatives of the Italian Communist Party respond to the speech given by Feng Xuan and Li Yimang.