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February 19, 1956

Political Parties in Jordan

A summary of the unlicensed parties operating in Jordan as of 1956, including the Ba'athists, the Democratic Party, the Communists, the Freedom Party and the Arab nationalists.

September 1957

The Situation in Jordan

An American visit to plan a fight against communism in Jordan has dangerous ramifications, including increased tension between Arab states.

September 1, 1951

Jordan after the Assassination of King 'Abd Allāh

Report on the aftermath of King 'Abd Allāh's assasination; including effects on the Jordanian working class, the results of the elections in eastern Jordan and the West Bank and their after effects, information on Communist activity in Amman, rumors of a plot to make Prince Nayf the new King of Jordan, a information on the Jordanian economy.


Communist Activities

Report on recent communist activities in the Middle East, including attempts to revoke the state of emergency in Lebanon, failed attempts to instigate a new movement in Tripoli, intelligence sent by Lebanese foreign minister & communists to the Soviets, Communists in Jordan, and Sāmī al-Sulḥ’s attitude towards the Eisenhower doctrine.

July 13, 1971

Preparing a Plan for a Coup in Sudan and Iraq

A detailed outline of attendees and discussions of a secret conference of Arab communist parties to plan a coup in Sudan and Iraq, including a proposed agenda for escalation.

August 8, 1949

Untitled report on a meeting of Communist parties

A meeting of Communist Parties endorses future activities and plans to counter Turkish, Syrian, and other regional anti-communist plans.